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    Suggest middle names for Sibyl/Sybil please :)

    We already have Edie and Isaac and I have fallen in love with Sibyl (and I am preferring this spelling as of now) as a potential sister. Do you think the name matches with siblings or at least isn't too different stylistically? What middle name would sound good with Sibyl? I haven't come up with a combo I love yet... Siblings middles are Rose and Edward and I don't want anything ending in y/ie sound... suggestions and thoughts on potential sibset Edie, Isaac and Sibyl? Thanks in advance!

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    I have Sybil / Cybil on my list too and I've paired it up with Janelle.
    Sybil Janelle is somewhat whimsical & pretty.

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    I would choose something classic to ground it and keep it a little closer to siblings' names.

    Sibyl Catherine
    Sibyl Elizabeth
    Sibyl Victoria
    Sibyl Frances
    Sibyl Beatrice
    Sibyl Susannah

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    @ Albertamomabear - thanks for that suggestion, never thought about that combo though I am unsure if I like the double L-ending names together... Maybe Sibyl Jane?
    @fairchild - thank you. I have Catherine, Elizabeth and Frances jotted down already. Elizabeth is a family name on both sides though I'm not sure about the flow. I am really liking Sybil Frances and Sybil Victoria is a very pretty combo!

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    I have Sybil Kay on my list!
    The Future Littles:
    Delaney Lynne, Mallory June, Bridget Victoria, Rachel MarloweBrandon Erich, Daniel Kent, Nolan ____

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