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    Edie, Isaac, and Sybil are a really nice sibset. I like your combinations of Sybil Frances and Sybil Jane a lot. Some other possibilities:

    Sybil Ann/Anne
    Sybil Claire
    Sybil Jean
    Sybil May/Mae
    Sybil Ruth

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    thanks daviesellu! I am also a big fan of Mae and Ann is a family name. I love the simplicity of Annie as a name but as a middle sometimes Ann sounds like a filler. Thank you for your ideas - I really really like Sibyl/Sybil Claire

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    I love your sibset. Sibyl/Sybil is a really nice name and I like both spellings.

    Sibyl Clara
    Sibyl Jade
    Sibyl Francesca
    Sibyl Alexandra
    Sibyl Aurora
    Sibyl Margaret
    Sibyl Megan
    Sibyl Rebecca
    Sibyl Josephine

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    Honestly, I much prefer Sylvie and possibly Sybilla - but if you're going with Sybil (which isn't terrible dont get me wrong)

    Sybil Eleanor
    Sybil Caroline
    Sybil Jessamine
    Sybil Katarina
    Sybil Henrietta
    Sybil Iris
    Sybil Emmeline
    Sybil Lenore
    Sybil Adelaide
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    emelis- I do love Sylvie too (and Sophie even though it is more popular and I wouldn't likely use it) but Sibyl has really grown on me. Sibyl Eleanor is one I have considered (and it gives an E which is an initial in every other family members first or middle so that would be an added bonus even though I'm not looking for a name specifically for that reason) and also like Sibyl Emmeline (would you pronounce it Emma-line or Emma-leen? I think I like it as Emma-line when paired with Sybil/Sibyl)

    castles- thank you for liking the sibset!! Sibyl Alexandra is a beautiful combo.

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