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    I thought of the allergy medicine first, but then I'm allergic to everything and have been on the vast majority of allergy meds at on e point or another!

    Like others said, it's also a musical term. I definitely think it's still usable as a name! (Be prepared for some people to make the medicine connection, though.)

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    the first thing that comes to mind for me is the allergy medication, which is a shame, because it's lovely.

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    The first thing I think of is the allergy meds too. Although it is pretty.

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    In the book THE MOZART SEASON by Virginia Euwer Wolff, the girl heroine is named Allegra (she is a violinist) and her brother calls her Legs for short.

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    i know a beautiful girl named Allegra so now i think of it as a name, but when i first heard it i thougt "... she's named after the medicine?" i don't think it would be a HUGE problem though, and the nn Allie is cute
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