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    Opinions on Allegra

    I keep coming back to this name, which I just love. I hesitate to use it though as I haven't gotten great feedback...namely that most people aren't that familiar with it (which I like) and the allergy medication, which I'm thinking isn't such a deal breaker anymore.

    Honest opinions would be much appreciated! TIA!!

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    I love the name, but darn the allergy medication.

    I've thought about it so many times, came up with so many combos. I eventually crossed it off because of the "egg" aspect of the name.

    If you love it, I say go for it though!
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    If my first thought wasn't the allergy medication I'd find it beautiful and charming.
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    I LOVE Allegra! I don't care about the meds, they had one on the TV last night for something called Lyric (not Lyrica, Lyric) and if THAT'S being used for meds, then I think Allegra needs to be reclaimed. I think it is so stunning and beautiful, classy and sophisticated.

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    I don't automatically think of the allergy medicine. I think if you named her something like NyQuil or Benadryl it would be strange but Allegra is still in name territory. For some reason it reminds me of music but my two year long career of violin in middle school doesn't really make me a credible source! I really like Allegra. It sounds soft but grounded. Smooth and whimsical but not over the top. The g makes it sturdy and strong. I say go for it!
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