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    Lightbulb Lennox, Lenox, Hank or Jasper?

    Our favourite is Lennox so far but hubby prefers Lenox and I want 2-N.
    We also love Hank and Jasper but aren't 100% sure about it.
    What do you think?

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    Lennox is the name of the town I grew up in & the school I went to. Also the name of a home heating & cooling company. Lenox is a name of the company that makes those really expensive gifts.

    I would go with Hank or Jasper. Hank is a good strong name. And who doesn't like Hank Williams? Jasper is a good name too...when I was little we named a racoon Jasper because it was the name on a painting my dad had. So somewhere there's an artist named Jasper. :-)

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    My favorite is Lennox. It looks more...right? I love the rough and tough feel the x gives off.
    Good luck,

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    I'd pick Lennox as a spelling for sure. Lenox looks like 'luh-NOCKS' to me.
    I'd actually pick Lennox over all of the options. I do like Jasper but prefer Caspar, and Hank isn't really my thing (but I could be sold on Henrik instead). I've liked Lennox since I was in high school.
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    Jasper most definitely!
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