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    New Name to Me- Nevin

    I love it when I encounter names I've never come across before that would be solid names. Here's one I'm quite surprised is not more common and well-known-- Nevin

    What do you think of the name Nevin (seemingly equally as correct when spelled Nevan)? Pronounced like Kevin, but with an 'N'.

    It's the English variation of the Gaelic/Celtic name Naomhán, meaning "little saint" or "little holy one", possibly also with Latin roots meaning "holy" or "servant of the saint's disciple".

    I love the meaning of it, and I like the sound of it quite well. But I'm afraid of how similar it sounds to a handful of common names (Kevin, Evan, Devin, etc).

    What are your thoughts about it?

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    Nevin is my cousin's first name, but he goes by his middle name. I think it's ok, but not one I'm crazy about.

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    I am surprised I haven't hear it either. I actually really like it! It does sound similar to those other names, but I don't think "Nevin-rhymes-with-Kevin" or anything. It sounds like its own name.

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    The similarity to Kevin, Evan, Devin, etc. turns me off a bit. It makes Nevin feel less disttinctive than it actually is, if that makes sense.
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    My cats name is Nevin haha. It's not a name I would inflict on a human.
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