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    It was pretty common in my hometown, I've always liked it. I put more emphasis on the 2nd syllable though. awn-DRAY. And yes, I vastly prefer Dre to Andy or anything like that.

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    The name is French. It's a diminutive of Andrew. It means man. I don't find the meaning 'man' all that flattering. What about Dante? It has a much more rich history
    Good luck,

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    I like Andre a lot, I find it very attractive on a man but still cute on a child. I too would love to meet an Andre.
    Olivia <3

    Good Luck!

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    I like it. I do think of the cheap champagne. I think it's a name that's still handsome despite associations like "the giant" ect.

    I like the toughness of Dre

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    It's my cousin's name.
    It's very usable, I also worked with a child named Andre at the daycare.

    It's not my favourite, but it's not a bad name. I quite like it, and I love the nn Dre.
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