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    Red face Ruby vs. Sawyer! Need help with baby's name...

    I'm due in June with a baby girl and I'm stuck on names so I'd love some input!

    I LOVE Ruby, but I'm concerned it may have "peaked" like six years ago. Plus it's #75 in CA, so I'm also afraid it's too popular. I also love Sawyer, but I'm worried it's a trendy choice, and that it's similar to trendy names I dislike (Madison, Taylor, etc.). This is my first baby, so I don't quite have a gauge on what's popular in my area (SoCal). Which name do you like better?

    We're also considering Miller, which may be more unique than Sawyer, but along the same lines. (However, I don't love the nn Millie.) My husband also likes Sailor (I think it's a bit much, though, considering we don't even own a boat and we're also thinking about Juniper. Last name starts with L and is hispanic, FYI, so can't consider L names or names that end in L. Any good, unique choices I'm overlooking that sound like Ruby or Sawyer? I like vintage, short, sassy, and (usually) boyish names

    Thanks, everyone! I'm excited to finally post and get some input.

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