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    I like Sawyer and Sailor the best. I've never understood the popularity of Ruby... I've always thought it sounded too country-ish. Juniper is okay. I like the sound of Miller, but I would avoid it.
    Olivia <3

    Good Luck!

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    Juniper and Sawyer are my's some more:

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    As a teenberry in SoCal, I can tell you that I know 3 Rubys - 14, 7, and 3, if you're wondering. I adore the name Ruby and I definitely don't think it's too dated or too trendy. It's on my long list. As for Sawyer, I'm biased. I know 2 Sawyers, both boys. (And one was my first boyfriend!) I love the name, but it's firmly in the blue column for me. I'm not a fan of Miller or Sailor, they're a bit masculine for my taste. And I do like Juniper, but I don't love it.

    I really like your style, and I love the idea of a spunky, interesting, but still heard-of name. As a Los Angeles berry, I think your style will fit in nicely with the other babies at Mommy-And-Me. For whatever reason, I keep coming back to C names for you. Is that something you'd like to pursue?


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    Emmy / Emmeline (or any variation)

    Okay, good luck, and be sure to keep us updated!


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    Ruby is very popular in California. I met a lot in all kinds of age categories. I think it will grow in popularity country-wide, especially because of the character on the show Once Upon a Time, which has many viewers.

    I think Sawyer is cute, because of Tom Sawyer, but as an occupational name, it's a bit blah. "wood cutter". I think Fletcher and Archer would be better choices, because it springs to mind a lady warrior who makes arrows or who goes about hunting in the woods with her bow, like the lovely goddess Artemis.

    I'm one of those strange folks who can't settle Miller as a first name. I've just known so many people with it as a surname. I also think of the Miller's Tale in the Canterbury Tales.

    Juniper is gorgeous. It's one of my favourite names of all time.

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    i love all of them but especially the sawyer/miller/juniper/sailor. i would have chose sawyer or the like had our last name not ended in -er.

    congrats and good luck!

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