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    Thoughts on my List (Boy Version)

    I'm not TTC nor am I pregnant but I have been trying to look at my list in a new light and consider new aspects of names I've had written down for years (months/weeks/days). The running list of course is longer but others are currently on my meh list and I wanted to narrow it down some -> there are still almost 30.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts (positive or negative) or suggestions of what else I might like.
    (Also I'm a nn person so if you have one you love that I haven't listed I'd love to hear it).

    Alaric nn Ricki
    Anton (in search of a non-Tony nn)
    Artemis nn Arty (inspired by one of my favorite book series Artemis Fowl)
    August nn Auggie
    Benjamin nn Ben, Benji
    Christoph nn Chris
    Connolly nn Lee (SO's mn and family name)
    Constantin nn Consti
    Edwin nn Ned, Ted/dy
    Faekin (almost ashamed I made this one up but I really like it)
    Henry nn Hank
    James nn Jamie (SO's father's name)
    Lucas nn Luc, Luca
    Maximillian nn Max
    Nicholas nn Nico
    Prosper nn Prop (After the character in Lord of the Thieves)
    Theodore nn Theo, Ted/Teddy
    Victor nn Vic (SO's deceased mothers name was Victoria)
    Wolfgang nn Wolf (my fathers name)
    Zane (have a family name Sanne prn Zan-ne in the family, is this too close would it seem like honoring that name were I to ever use it in real life?)
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    I quite enjoy the following names:
    Alaric nn Ricki
    August but not the nickname Auggie at all.
    Benjamin nn Ben or Jamie
    Erich ideally Eric or Erik
    Henry but not the nickname Hank
    James nn Jamie
    Lucas nn Luca though really it needs no nickname
    Maximillian nn Max
    Nicholas nn Nico or Cole
    Theodore nn Theo or Ted/Teddy
    Also, Julian can use the nickname Ian.
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    I love your list! Anton is one of my old faves. I like the nn Toshka for it, but I'm used to hearing Russian nns and I know it might sound feminine to some people.

    Alaric, Artemis, August, Henry, Ian, James, Julian, Lucas, Nicholas, Tristan, and Victor have all been on my list before. Alaric and Artemis are more out-there (still great though), but the others sound strong and classic without being boring.

    I like Earnest, though I prefer Ernest so it looks like less of a virtue name. Very literary either way. It maybe sounds old-fashioned?

    Constantin, Edwin, Prosper, Theodore, and Zane I could come to like, though I have reservations. Constantin sounds so grand, like Constantinople, that I have a hard time seeing it on a kid. Edwin is okay, fairly classic but something bugs me about it. I like the nn Teddy but not Ned. Prosper is usually NMS at all, but for a virtue-type name it sounds surprisingly comfortable in a modern setting. Theodore is again, classic, a handsome name, but maybe too classic. It's all Theodore Roosevelt to me. Zane is crisp and cool, but more of a child/teenager name, I can't see it on someone much older. Maybe Zander/Xander would be a more versatile alternative?

    I don't like Faekin - it sounds like fakin'. I like Wolfgang and Ludwig as mns, but as first names they're too closely tied to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven for me.

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    @East93. Thanks for your thoughts. I never really considered Ian as a nn for Julian but I'm loving it. Also thank you for the suggestion of Cole as a nn for Nicholas that feels much fresher than Nico. I actually prefer Erich to Eric/k because my family is German and I prefer the softer sound the ch gives the end of the name in German to the harder c/k. Though I realize that in English it seems a bit like semantics.

    @Miraje thank you for your thoughts. Toshka is a little to Russian for me (though my mom would love it since she's been trying to convince me we are descendant from Russian gypsies, which we are not. I think she likes the romance behind the thought.) I don't think Zander or Xander would make my favorites list since my name is Alexandra and those would feel oddly close. I however, do agree on Zane and am just not sure how well it would age.
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    Woot! I had so much fun doing your girl’s names so I’m happy to do the boys version! Here it goes:

    Alaric – nms, but I can see the appeal. Ricki does come off as feminine to me as a nn, so I’d prefer simply Rick or Al. Though Ricky might help that problem.
    Anton – I mixed on this one. On one hand it’s masculine and works, but on the other hand it comes off as a mispronunciation of Antoine
    ArtemisLove it! Art would be better as a nn when he grows, but Arty is cute for a little toddler.
    August – Maybe it’s just on nameberry, but I’m sick of hearing this one (don’t like Auggies or Gus either!)
    BenjaminLOVE classics and more people should use Benji for the nn. Jamie would be an unexpected option too!
    Christoph – I naturally kept typing “Christopher” when I went to write this. Besides that problem (people thinking it’s really Christopher) this is ADORABLE.
    Connolly – Prefer this on your boys list over your girls list!
    Constantin – I must say this is just too much of a name for me. Consti also comes off as feminine to me. Stantin (like Stanton) strikes me as a nice nn though
    Earnest – Agreed that Ernest is better! Don’t like the word association (not that it’s a bad word, it’s just strikes me as more word than name in this situation). Ernie is the only one I can think of and I don’t like it at all.
    EdwinLOVE it. All nn’s are great!
    Emmett – Like this one a lot too. Mett? Etty (like some weird version of Eddie – which for some reason I’m digging a lot!)
    Eoin – Spelling problems is of course an issue, but GREAT name
    Erich – MUCH prefer Eric/k
    Faekin – Agreed with “faking”
    Felix – Good choice
    Henry – Short, simple, and solid name. Like it. Not liking Hank as a nn (I don’t really like it at all to be honest). I knew a Henry who went by “Hy
    IanLove love love
    James – Like the name, like the nn. Would be refreshing to hear nn Jim though
    Julian – Never liked this, always caught be as feminine
    Lucas – Like the names and the nn. I’d just go with “Luke” over “Luc” though. Luc could be said like Luck at first glance
    Ludwig – Too ridiculous
    Maximillian – Hate this one just because of “Max a million”. Would love to hear about a little Maximus or Maxwell though.
    Nicholas – Not a bad name, but what about Nicolai? More creative which you seem to like
    Prosper – Hating on this word name
    Theodore – I like Theadora on your girl’s list more than Theodore on your boys list! Theodore is getting a little to plain for my taste. Do you like Dorian by any chance?
    Tristan – Unfortunately for me, this one has became too associated with a negative feminine-male stereotype
    VictorLove love love! Vic is vey feminine though
    Wolfgang – Also quite ridiculous for my taste, like Wolf though.
    Zane – seems a little white-trashy to me, but that’s definitely a personal thing. The rest of the world would probably see a short, spunky name. And I LOVE the honoring aspect; it does work for me.

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