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    Thoughts on my List (Girl Version)

    I'm not TTC nor am I pregnant but I have been trying to look at my list in a new light and consider new aspects of names I've had written down for years (months/weeks/days). The running list of course is longer but others are currently on my meh list and I wanted to narrow it down some -> there are still 30+.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts (positive or negative) or suggestions of what else I might like.
    (Also I'm a nn person so if you have one you love that I haven't listed I'd love to hear it).

    Adelaide nn Lady
    Amelie nn Millie
    Annabel/le nn Belle
    Aurelia nn Elia, Lia
    Aurora nn Rory, Ora
    Beatrix nn Trixie
    Connolly nn Nolly, Ollie (SO's family name and mn)
    Coralie nn Cora,Ora
    Eleanor/Eleonor/a nn Elle, Nora
    Henrietta nn Hattie, Etta
    Irene (my mom's name, which she hates the English prn for)
    Illyria (thanks @Ottille)
    Lorelei nn Rory, Leila
    Loretta nn Etta
    Mariposa nn Posey
    Merida nn Airie
    Mirabel/Mirabelle nn Mira, Bell
    Noelle nn Noe, Elle
    Ophelia nn Fee, Lia, Posey
    Penrose nn Posey
    Primrose nn Rosie
    Prudence nn Prue, Rue, Tuppence
    Sophie (my mn and the first name of both of my maternal great-grandmothers)
    Theodora/Theadora nn Teddy, Theo/a
    Victoria nn Vicky (my SO's deceased mothers name)
    Viola nn Vi
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    Adelaide – Like the name, not a fan of the nn Lady . . . sounds like a dog’s name to me. Addi comes to mind or Adele
    Ainslie – Too cutesy to me. Doesn’t seem like it would age well
    Amelie – Prefer Amelia (seems more complete to me). Plus you can get Lia
    Annabel – Not a fan of Belle names anymore . . . Annabel nn Anna would be better
    Aurelia – While I’m not a huge fan, LOVE Elia!
    Aurora – HATE nn Ora. Sounds so ugly and manly. Why not Rora?
    Beatrix – Never liked the sound of this. Seems too dated
    Connolly – I’m considering this for a boy, so I say no.
    Coralie – Still hating Ora, but Cora is a much MUCH better substitute
    Eleanor – These “El” names are too used right now, imo. Nora is precious (Lea?)
    Esme – I think of Twilight which sucks, but it’s a pretty name despite that
    Helena – too old lady imo, but most love it so I’m sure you’d get compliments
    Henrietta – Hate this one, not feminine at all imo
    Irene – To old lady. Ren is a cute nn for it though
    Illyria – Looks like a disease to me . . .
    Iris – I’m getting sick of seeing this
    Isla – Something is off with me on this one. Do you like Elsa?
    Ismene – “Is mean”
    Lorelei – Cute and spunky and Leila is a nice unexpected nn
    Loretta – I don’t like the “etta” sound personally, but honestly there is nothing wrong with this option
    Mariposa – It looks like another disease. Or the word “Marsupial”
    Merida – Like it lots.
    MirabelLove it! Please use Mira over Bell
    NoelleLove this one, but don’t like any nn options. This one is perfect as it’s full
    Ophelia – nms, but nothing wrong with it. Love Fee and Lia. Kind of liking Alia too
    Paloma – nms
    Penrose – I wouldn’t be able to get by how strange this one is.
    Primrose – I like your previous suggestion of Posey.
    Prudence – nms again, but love Rue.
    SophieLove it even with the popularity level
    Theadora – Prefer this one just because Thea is GORGEOUS
    VictoriaLove it, would prefer Tori as the n
    Viola – I play viola, so I would find this weird (plus you don’t want her to get teased with “go play viola” comments all her life)

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    My favorites on your list --
    Aurora/Rory, Beatrix, Coralie/Cora, Helen/a, Iris, Lorelei, Mirabel/Mira (love this one!), Primrose/Rosie, Theodora/Thea, Viola/Vi

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    Oddly I only like nn Lady for Adelaide and I too sometimes think that it's too much Lady and the Tramp. But then I have days where I love it because I had a college friend who called me that in a complimentary, sophisticated way and I loved how it made me feel. Thanks for your thoughts it's good to get feedback like that. I also never considered Posey for Primrose. I've been loving that nn and trying to use it everywhere (if you couldn't tell) but this feels really nice - not sure why I didn't think of it before. Thanks!!

    @Norskelove and @Characternamer
    Thank you both for your input. I actually started a column in my list to keep track of your NB votes!
    Little Lorelei - May 2016
    Endora - Freya - Merida - Viola - Zelda
    Dexter - Felix - Gideon - Hendrik - Victor
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