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    Adelaide nn Lady - I have always liked the name Adelaide
    Ainslie- This is pretty, but not my favorite
    Amelie nn Millie- The name Amelie is awesome and I love the nn Millie
    Annabel/le nn Belle - Annabel is a great name, classic!
    Aurelia nn Elia, Lia - I like this name, not quite my style, but it's pretty
    Aurora nn Rory, Ora - Great choice and the nn potential is good
    Beatrix nn Trixie - Love it!
    Connolly nn Nolly, Ollie - I like it better on your boy list!
    Coralie nn Cora, Ora - Coralie is pretty, I personally like the name Cora better as the full name
    Eleanor - Adore it, pretty and feminine without being over the top, very classic
    Esme - I do like this name, but it might become popular because of the Twilight Series
    Helen/a - I prefer Helene
    Henrietta nn Hattie, Etta - Not sure how I feel about the name Henrietta, I think of a chicken, sorry
    Irene - Nice
    Illyria - Very interesting, I have never heard this name, it is beautiful, people might have a difficult time saying it though
    Iris- Pretty
    Isla- Nice, but not my favorite on your list
    Ismene - That's one that I have never heard of, interesting
    Lorelei nn Rory, Leila - I think Lorelei is a fantastic name and the nn options you have are really good!
    Loretta nn Etta - you have much better ones on your list
    Mariposa nn Posey - unsure of my thoughts on this one
    Merida nn Airie - I like the name Merida a lot, I think it's beautiful, not quite sure I get the nn though
    Mirabel/Mirabelle nn Mira, Bell - Great choice!
    Noelle nn Noe, Elle - It's okay
    Ophelia nn Fee, Lia, Posey - I love the name Ophelia!
    Paloma - it's okay
    Penrose nn Posey - not so much my style
    Primrose nn Rosie - not so much my style
    Prudence nn Prue, Rue, Tuppence - I like Prudence
    Sophie- I actually love the name Sophie, it has gotten really popular it seems, but still an absolutely beautiful name!
    Theodora/Theadora nn Teddy, Theo/a - I think this is the name that I like the least
    Victoria nn Vicky - Victoria is a beautiful name
    Viola nn Vi - I think Viola is probably my favorite of your list, it's an awesome name and not too popular!

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