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    Aurora used to be one of my favorite names until it started popping up everywhere and I went in search of an alternative and came across Aurelia which I adore so much more. I'm glad someone else seems to love it too.

    @julia johanna
    I never considered Nell as a nn for Helen/a before. Thanks for the suggestion! Also excited you like Loretta I just 'discovered' this during a Film Noir marathon but worry it feels dated, though I'm hoping for a comeback since -etta names seem to be on the rise.

    Thanks for taking the time for the extensive response. I really like Irene too though I keep thinking of it as an old lady name mostly probably because my mom thinks it's an old lady name and it's her name. Glad someone else likes it too! Tuppence as a nn for Prudence comes from the Agatha Christie detectives Tommy and Tuppence. It always struck me as sweet. I have the same issues with Victoria that you seem to and it makes me feel bad because well my SO's mom was amazing and if we had kids he would love honoring her but I just don't know if I can get behind the name.

    Thanks for your response. I like Irene over Irina as well. (Even if it weren't my mothers name).

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    Adelaide nn Lady - It's a lovely name, though I prefer the nn Addie. Lady just doesn't feel like a viable nn for a human to me.
    Ainslie - NMS
    Amelie nn Millie - Love it. Amelie is very pretty, and I think it's a great way to get to Millie.
    Annabel/le nn Belle - I prefer Annabeth out of the Ann names.
    Aurora nn Rory, Ora - Cute. I actually know an adult Aurora, so I can say that the name does age well.
    Beatrix nn Trixie - I like Beatrix, but I'm not keen on Trixie. What about Bix or Bixie?
    Connolly nn Nolly, Ollie (SO's family name and mn) - NMS
    Coralie nn Cora,Ora - Very pretty. It's relaxed, feminine, and lovely.
    Eleanor/Eleonor/a nn Elle, Nora - This is one of my favorites from your list. I don't haer it used nearly enough. It's soft and gentle and feminine without being frilly.
    Esme - I like it. It has a delicate yet spunky sound.
    Helen/a - Vastly prefer Helena, which I think is lovely.
    Henrietta nn Hattie, Etta - Love the nn Hattie, but I dislike Henrietta. It feels to fussy to me. And I think it was used on a hen in a cartoon when I was a kid. That image has always stuck with me.
    Irene (my mom's name, which she hates the English prn for) - I love this one.
    Illyria (thanks @Ottille) - Very pretty.
    Iris - One of my favorites.
    Isla - I don't feel the love for this name that a lot of people do. It's okay, but I just don't love the sound.
    Ismene - Pretty.
    Lorelei nn Rory, Leila - Pretty. Lolly could be a nn.
    Loretta nn Etta - This is a family name for me, so it feels plausible. It's not my favorite name on your list, but I still think it's due for a comeback. Retta could be another nn.
    Mariposa nn Posey - It's not bad. I think I like the full name more than the nn.
    Merida nn Airie - Okay.
    Mirabel/Mirabelle nn Mira, Bell - As far as Bell names go, this is one of my favorites. Lovely meaning and not overly popular.
    Noelle nn Noe, Elle - Love it. So delicate and pretty.
    Ophelia nn Fee, Lia, Posey - I can't help but a) think of the tragedy surrounding the character and b) think that the "I feel ya" jokes would get old by the time she's out of high school.
    Paloma - Love love love. This is a big name crush for me.
    Penrose nn Posey - NMS.
    Primrose nn Rosie - Much better than Penrose.
    Prudence nn Prue, Rue, Tuppence - I like this one a lot. I'm hesitant to use it myself because of the "prude" sound, but the nn Prue is cute.
    Sophie (my mn and the first name of both of my maternal great-grandmothers) - This is one of my favorite girl's names of all time. It's so pretty and delicate, but at the same time, it would work on a rough-and-tumble girl. I love it.
    Theodora/Theadora nn Teddy, Theo/a - Not a huge fan of the full name, but Thea is a cute nn.
    Victoria nn Vicky (my SO's deceased mothers name) - Tori or Tia or Vita could be other nn ideas.
    Viola nn Vi - I prefer Violet, but it's cute.
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    My favourites are:

    Eleanor/Eleonor/a nn Elle, Nora
    Noelle nn Noe, Elle
    Ophelia nn Posey
    Penrose nn Posey (not quite sure about Penrose, but I adore Posey)
    Theodora (with nn Thea)
    Viola nn Vi

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    Lex, I love this list. So many good names!

    Adelaide nn Lady - A very pretty name. Lady is a darling nickname! I always wanted a little spaniel named Lady as in Lady and the Tramp....
    Ainslie - I prefer Ainsley, because of The West Wing and the awesome Ainsley Hayes. A good name either way though.
    Amelie nn Millie
    Annabel/le nn Belle
    Aurelia nn Elia, Lia - I'm starting to really like this name. I'd go with nn Aura, but Lia is cute too.
    Aurora nn Rory, Ora - Beautiful Aurora. You're in Germany? Then the pronunciation would be nice too...
    Beatrix nn Trixie - Love Beatrix, beautiful name. Trixie is cute, as is Bea and Beata.
    Connolly nn Nolly, Ollie (SO's family name and mn) - That seems very boyish to me.
    Coralie nn Cora,Ora - Name of fantastic french chanteuse Coralie Clément, so I like it.
    Eleanor/Eleonor/a nn Elle, Nora - I think I like Eleonor for you. Leonore, Eleonore, Lenore are gorgous too. Noor or Lora would be good nns.
    Esme - Lovely Esme.
    Helen/a - If you're in Germany I'd go with stunning Helene. Nell, Leni.
    Henrietta nn Hattie, Etta - So cute and spunky.
    Irene (my mom's name, which she hates the English prn for) - I love Irene. The english pron is terrible. You need the -e at the end. Maybe Eirene would be better? But I love Irene as well.
    Illyria (thanks @Ottille) - You're welcome! I love Illyria so much, I think it's a perfect name.
    Iris - Beautiful! If only my boyfriend would let me use it... I hope this stays on the list!
    Isla - Eh, one of my least favourites here.
    Ismene - Stunning! Antigone's more rational sister. It's a grogeous name.
    Lorelei nn Rory, Leila - Love Lorelei, Lore would be a cute nn tool.
    Loretta nn Etta - Makes me think of Life of Brian
    Mariposa nn Posey - Pretty.
    Merida nn Airie - Very pretty! Sounds like the ocean.
    Mirabel/Mirabelle nn Mira, Bell - Mirabel is very sweet. Mirabai is cute too, if you're not very into the -bel/belle. Mira is the best nn.
    Noelle nn Noe, Elle - I love Noelle in the first spot. Beautiful beautiful name.
    Ophelia nn Fee, Lia, Posey - Love Ophelia. Fee or Lia are gorgeous nn for this one.
    Paloma - Very pretty.
    Penrose nn Posey - Eh, no not this please. We'll fins a different rose name.
    Primrose nn Rosie - Primrose is nice, but not your best.
    Prudence nn Prue, Rue, Tuppence - Yay! Prudence is magnificent! Prue is a sweet nn, makes me think of Charmed.
    Sophie (my mn and the first name of both of my maternal great-grandmothers) - I love the simplicity and beauty of Sophie.
    Theodora/Theadora nn Teddy, Theo/a - Theodora is pretty. I prefer Theodosia, but might be too frilly.
    Victoria nn Vicky (my SO's deceased mothers name) - A classic. You can't go wrong with this.
    Viola nn Vi - Viola is my favourite Shakespeare girl. In my favourite play. Gorgeous.

    Isis, Thomasin/Thomasina, Constance, Dione, Leontine, Bellerose, Roselle,Pomeline, Selene, Rosetta, Lillirose, Roseline, Rosario, Rosalba (or Alba Rose).
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    Adelaide nn Lady - I never thought of Lady as a nn for Adelaide before. Interesting. I think I prefer Adele though.
    Ainslie - I always thought this name sounded a little harsh, but otherwise I like it.
    Amelie nn Millie - It is nice!
    Annabel/le nn Belle - I could never take this name seriously. I had a friend named Anne growing up and I would tease her and call her Annabelle, as in the cow. I feel like it is a smoosh of two sounds that are really popular right now, Anna and Belle. Not a fan.
    Aurelia nn Elia, Lia - Very common middle aged name where I live, boring and common.
    Aurora nn Rory, Ora - I love nature names and mythical names, so this one I love! I find it a bit of a mouthful if paired up with long/complicated surnames names.
    Beatrix nn Trixie - One of my big names crushes right now. Don't like Trixie as a nn though. I would use Bee, or Bumble Bee or something like that.
    Connolly nn Nolly, Ollie (SO's family name and mn) - I don't care for it.
    Coralie nn Cora,Ora - I like Coralie, and love the nn Cora. It is quite uncommon where I live, even among the elderly crowd!
    Eleanor/Eleonor/a nn Elle, Nora - Not my style. I like Norah/Nora on its own. I also Leonie.
    Esme - Very nice!
    Helen/a - I like Helena a lot! Helen is still too middle aged for me.
    Henrietta nn Hattie, Etta - I like Etta, Hattie not as much.
    Irene (my mom's name, which she hates the English prn for) - Meh.
    Illyria (thanks @Ottille) - Very nice and unusual!
    Iris - I like Iris but I still have a hard time picturing it on a child.
    Isla - I used to dislike this name because I always wanted to pronounce it wrong. Now I really like it because I finally got it into my thick skull how to pronounce it.
    Ismene - Not sure.
    Lorelei nn Rory, Leila - I prefer Laura/Lauren/Laurel.
    Loretta nn Etta - I like Etta, but prefer Henriette to Loretta, in order to get Etta.
    Mariposa nn Posey - Interesting, but not sure.
    Merida nn Airie - I like it, but don't love it.
    Mirabel/Mirabelle nn Mira, Bell - I secretly love this name. I wouldn't shorten it.
    Noelle nn Noe, Elle - Not my cup of tea, but it is nice.
    Ophelia nn Fee, Lia, Posey - I like it, but too much teasing potential.
    Paloma - NMS, but nice.
    Penrose nn Posey - I prefer Primrose. I do like the nn Penny for Penrose though.
    Primrose nn Rosie - I like Prim or Rose. Rosie? Not so much.
    Prudence nn Prue, Rue, Tuppence - NMS
    Sophie (my mn and the first name of both of my maternal great-grandmothers) - I love Sophie and desperately wish it wasn't so popular! I am a little french and much prefer Sophie to Sophia. I like the nn Soph.
    Theodora/Theadora nn Teddy, Theo/a - I like Theadora nn Thea.
    Victoria nn Vicky (my SO's deceased mothers name) - I like Victoria. Prefer Tori over Vicky though. I also prefer the full name over the nicknames.
    Viola nn Vi - I like it.

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