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    Adelaide - I love this, but not Lady (like some proper uptight grandmother would call you)
    Ainslie- too tryndee, Ainsley or Aislin is better
    Amelie - my friends aunt had twins and named one Amelie, plus I have British + French I like it, but I still love Amelia. This could even be a nn for Amelia
    Annabel - Belle names are getting tired. Annabeth, Annalise, Anastasia, Annemarie, Annalie...all better options
    Aurelia - One of my most favorite names in the universe(s)
    Aurora - just no. Go with Aurelia and you can still use Rory
    Beatrix - Reminds me of Beatrix Potter. Not a bad thing. However, Trixie reminds me of an x-rated dancer. Except maybe then she would change it to Trixxi.
    I'm getting tired of retyping all these on my I'll just list my good and bad of the rest...

    Illyria (I see a disease as well)
    Pen rose

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    These are my favorites...

    Helen (especially with Nell as a nickname!)
    Loretta (love this one!)
    Alice, Cecilia, Cora, Eve, Georgia, Iris, Johanna, Phoebe, Rose, Sylvie, Tess, Violet
    Calvin, Dexter, Felix, Graham, Hugo, Leo, Louis, Miles, Oscar, Paul, Simon, Walter

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    Adelaide nn Lady - I like Adelaide a lot, but I'd worry that Lady was too much of a pet name. Perhaps you could use the nickname Della?
    Ainslie - seems trendy
    Amelie nn Millie - can't decide Amelie or Amelia better, they're both quite great. Millie is cute!
    Annabel/le nn Belle - really really like Annabel! Very sweet and charming.
    Aurelia nn Elia, Lia - I like Aurelia a lot and I love the French Aurelie! (I'm not sure that I like the sound of Elia as a nickname, but that may just be personal preference)
    Aurora nn Rory, Ora - I like Aurora a lot! Rory is cute and spunky, but Ora reminds me of Oral...sorry!
    Beatrix nn Trixie - I love Beatrix! (But I have to say that I think I prefer the nickname Bea or Bee!)
    Connolly nn Nolly, Ollie (SO's family name and mn) - I've never heard of this before, but I kind of like it!
    Coralie nn Cora,Ora - I prefer Cordelia or just Cora. like before, I'm not a fan of Ora
    Eleanor/Eleonor/a nn Elle, Nora - as you can see, she's my favorite name of all time. I also like the nicknames Nell, Nella, Nory/Nori, Wren (a bit of a stretch, but I say it works)
    Esme - love the Ezmay pronunciation! Very spunky.
    Helen/a - she's growing on me - I love the Hel-ay-nuh pronunciation
    Henrietta nn Hattie, Etta - don't love it
    Irene (my mom's name, which she hates the English prn for) - I think Irene is very adorable and I would love to meet an Irene! (For the record, I also like Irina)
    Illyria (thanks @Ottille) - like the others, this reminds me of a disease - maybe delirium?
    Iris - LOVE!
    Isla - I like it - very sweet and simple
    Ismene - I know a girl with this name and it almost sounds as if she's saying "is-meanie" - so I can't say that I like the sound
    Lorelei nn Rory, Leila - I like the sound of just Leila. Lorelei is fine, I'm just not excited by it.
    Loretta nn Etta - feels dated
    Mariposa nn Posey - I've heard that this is slang for certain gay men in Spanish, I believe. I can't remember where I saw this or I would go verify the information again, but still...
    Merida nn Airie - pretty, but I don't love it
    Mirabel/Mirabelle nn Mira, Bell - I like just Mira best, but Mirabel/le is sweet.
    Noelle nn Noe, Elle - not a fan
    Ophelia nn Fee, Lia, Posey - Personally, I don't find O names very appealing sounding, and I don't think Ophelia was that great of a character in Hamlet, but Fee is cute. (not sure I understand Posey, though)
    Paloma - not my style.
    Penrose nn Posey - doesn't feel like a name
    Primrose nn Rosie - I prefer just Rose.
    Prudence nn Prue, Rue, Tuppence - I think Prue is adorable! love it! However, I'm not sure I understand where Tuppence comes from.
    Sophie (my mn and the first name of both of my maternal great-grandmothers) - I like this one, but I don't love it (thanks, popularity!)
    Theodora/Theadora nn Teddy, Theo/a - I like Theodora well enough, but I think I like Theodosia even better (the nickname Dosie is just so cute!)
    Victoria nn Vicky (my SO's deceased mothers name) - I suppose I should like Victoria (because I LOVE classic names), but I just don't find the sound very pleasing.
    Viola nn Vi - reminds me of the instrument - my mother played it and I played the violin
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    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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    I quite enjoy the following:
    Adelaide but nn Hadley instead of Lady.
    Aurora nn Rory, or Ari instead
    Eleanor nn Elle
    Helena nn Lena
    Noelle nn Elle
    Vitoria but nn Tori or Tora

    Also, for Irene I've prefer Irina.
    Nathaniel . Eden | Alessandra . Noel

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    Adelaide nn Lady: very pretty
    Ainslie: NMS. sounds & looks trendy. ends in Lie.
    Amelie nn Millie: pretty. ends in Lie. Prefer Amelia.
    Annabel/le nn Belle: GORGEOUS!
    Aurelia nn Elia, Lia: LOVELY! Beautiful meaning!
    Aurora nn Rory, Ora: Child may have problems pronouncing their name. Very pretty, but I prefer Aurelia.
    Beatrix nn Trixie: Silly rabbit Trix are for kids! Still like it,...
    Connolly nn Nolly, Ollie (SO's family name and mn): I'd use as a middle name only. If used as first name will probably turned into Connie.
    Coralie nn Cora,Ora: NMS. Coral-lie.
    Eleanor/Eleonor/a nn Elle, Nora: beautiful meaning and timeless classic.
    Esme: Although very pretty it doesn't feel substantial enough. I don't really like Esmerelda nn. Esme.
    Helen/a: NMS. Means ugly in my language.
    Henrietta nn Hattie, Etta: NMS
    Irene (my mom's name, which she hates the English prn for): I know what you mean about the pronunciation. I pronounce it the Luxembourgish/ German way: E-Reh-Ne. I really like the name but I don't like the English pronunciation of it.
    Illyria (thanks @Ottille): LOVE!
    Iris: NMS.
    Isla: Pronunciation problems.
    Ismene: NMS
    Lorelei nn Rory, Leila: When I watced the Gilmore Girls, I thought it was "lore or lie" like truth or dare.
    Loretta nn Etta: NMS. Prefer Fiammetta, Lionetta, Lucetta, Pirouetta. Prefer Henrietta for the nn. Hattie.
    Mariposa nn Posey: Had never heard of this before, but it's very lovely and striking.
    Merida nn Airie: Pretty! Seems to be inspirted from Brave. I loved that Merida was, well,... brave.
    Mirabel/Mirabelle nn Mira, Bell: VERY PRETTY!
    Noelle nn Noe, Elle: More middle name material for a Winter Baby.
    Ophelia nn Fee, Lia, Posey: PRETTY! My first name, although I go by Irmgard(one my middle names) now.
    Paloma:NMS. -Oma ending makes me think of melanoma and other diseases. Also reminds me of Pamplona.
    Penrose nn Posey: PRETTY!
    Primrose nn Rosie: VERY PRETTY! But I'm biased, as Primrose is my daughters name. I call her Rosie, Posey and somtimes Prose.
    Prudence nn Prue, Rue, Tuppence: I don't like virtue names as much. I forsee teasing. The nicknames are cute though.
    Sophie (my mn and the first name of both of my maternal great-grandmothers): Very pretty! Would use Sophia as a first or Sophie as a middle.
    Theodora/Theadora nn Teddy, Theo/a: ADORE! I like how the nn.s can be more girly or tomboy. I would go with Theodosia as it adds more nicknames and seems more feminine to me.
    Victoria nn Vicky: I am also considering this name and asked about the nn. Rory for Victoria. Most people said no but it makes just as much sense as Lorelai. I don't like Vicky as it rhymes with icky, sticky, etc.
    Viola nn Vi: Reminds me of the instrument. Prefer Violet.

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