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    My Maternal Grandparents
    DH: Theodore Louis Hare
    DW: Josephine Olive Weaver

    My Paternal Grandparents
    DH: Arthur Julius Madigan
    DW: Theodora Edith Boyle

    My Parent’s
    DH: William Timothy Madigan
    DW: Weaver Cohen Hare
    -DD: Molly Azalea

    DH’s Maternal Grandparents
    DH: Victor Alfred Carr
    DW: Clara Viola Kopping

    DH’s Paternal Grandparents
    DH: Fredrick Edmund Johnson
    DW: Maud Adelaide McAlistair

    DH’s Parent’s
    DH: George William Johnson
    DW: Eleanor Violet Carr
    -DS: Gideon Wyatt
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    Mother's Parents (GP1):
    DH: Alfred Seymour Sutherland
    DW: Eugenia Florence Sutherland
    DD: Edith Margaret Wykeham
    -- DH: Roger Nathaniel Wykeham
    ---- DS: Nicholas Alexander Wykeham
    ---- DD: Sarah Eugenie Wykeham
    DD: Emma Lillian Radcliffe (see Radcliffe family)
    DS: George Thomas Sutherland
    -- DW: Emily Charlize Sutherland
    ---- DS: Christopher Kester Sutherland "Chris"

    Father's Parents (GP1):
    DH: Edmund Julius Radcliffe
    DW: Theodora Myrtle Radcliffe
    DS: Henry James Radcliffe
    -- DW: Emma Lillian Radcliffe
    ---- DD: Kate Vivien Radcliffe
    ---- DD: Sophia Mae Radcliffe
    DD: Lucy Annabelle Holbrook
    -- DH: Fergus Kerrigan Holbrook
    ---- DS: Isaac Lazarus Holbrook
    ---- DS: Rufus Archibald Holbrook
    DD: Helen Diana Rickmanson
    -- DH: Patrick Albert Rickmanson
    ---- DS: Felix Horatio Rickmanson
    ---- DD: Elsa Isabelita Rickmanson

    His Mother's Parents (GP2):
    DH: Harvey Theodore Shaw
    DW: Agnes Josephine Shaw
    DS: Michael David Shaw
    -- DW: Evanna Patrice Shaw
    ---- DS: Samson Joseph Shaw
    DD: Nora Mabel Gresham
    -- DH: Daniel Jacoby Gresham
    ---- DS: Heath Cooper Gresham
    DD: Maria Judith Holmes (see Holmes family)

    His Father's Parent's (GP2):
    DH: Frederick Calvin Holmes
    DW: Beatrice Dorothea Holmes
    DS: Richard Alexander Holmes
    -- DW: Maria Judith Holmes
    ---- DS: Stephen Arthur Holmes
    ---- DS: Brent Silas Holmes
    DD: Lydia Beatrice Malachy
    -- DH: Alexander James Malachy
    ---- DD: Lola Beatrice Malachy
    ---- DD: Primrose Tabitha Malachy
    DD: Eliza Mary Holmes
    -- DH: Brian Daniel Gleeson
    ---- DD: Audrey Tallulah Gleeson
    ---- DD: Catherine Reina Gleeson "Caty"
    ---- DS: Seth Zachariah Gleeson
    Names I love right now:
    Thomas - Wesley - Desmond - Jack - Albert - Spencer - Harry
    Annabel - Vivienne - Matilda - Sophie - Sybil - Maria - Jane

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    DW's extended family:

    Maternal grandpa: Theodore Arthur
    Maternal grandma: Cordelia Hazel
    DD: Grace Katherine (DW's mother)
    DS: Oscar Rupert

    Paternal grandpa: Louis Martin
    Paternal grandma: Elsa Penelope
    DS: Vincent Leo
    DD: Sophia Margaret
    DS: Henry Joseph (DW's father)

    DW's immediate family:
    Mother: Grace Katherine
    Father: Henry Joseph
    DD: Isabel Margaret
    DD: Greta Katherine
    DD: Audrey Caroline (DW)


    DH's extended family:

    Maternal grandpa: Victor Raymond
    Maternal grandma: Beatrice Pearl
    DS: Simon James
    DS: Elias Maxwell
    DS: Jacob Roman
    DD: Lucy Elizabeth (DH's mother)
    DD: Anna Frances
    DS: Felix Byron

    Paternal grandpa: Edmund Harvey
    Paternal grandma: Lucinda Ivy
    DD: Edith Jane
    DS: Jasper Malachi (DH's father)

    DH'S immediate family:
    Mother: Lucy Elizabeth
    Father: Jasper Malachi
    DS/DS: Asher Soloman / Thomas Jude
    DS: Ezra Julian (DH)
    DD: Lydia Primrose
    DS: Wyatt Ephraim


    What are your grandparent's names?: Theodore Arthur & Cordelia Hazel (maternal), and Louis Martin & Elsa Penelope (paternal).

    What are your parent's names?: Grace Katherine (mother) & Henry Joseph (father).

    What are you DH's grandparent's names?: Victor Raymond & Beatrice Pearl (maternal), and Edmund Harvey & Lucinda Ivy (paternal).

    What are your husband's parent's name? Lucy Elizabeth (mother) & Jasper Malachi (father).

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