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    You might remember me from when I was trying to find a perfect name for my second daughter. I really appreciated all of your help, so I wanted to write an update post. Rose Catherine was born 8 weeks premature and suffered major hearing loss. She is is almost 2 months old and still in the NICU, but our doctors have told us that she might be able to come home soon! We are very excited! Thank you for your prayers; they have helped our family through this difficult time.

    My husband, Maya, and I are all learning sign language (we're really enjoying it!) and doing some research on cochlear implants. We will be taking Rose to an audiologist after her doctors give us the go-ahead, to see how severe her impairment is. As a family we are adjusting to our new schedule of going back and forth between the NICU to visit Rose and our house. It's so hard to leave her! The good news is that Rose is getting stronger each day and we will hopefully be able to bring her home soon! I hope that I'll have more good news in a few months, but thanks again for your support!

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    Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! Beautiful name. Cochlear implants are an absolutely amazing invention... Your little one definitely has the hope of hearing one day! Good luck with learning sign in the mean time, and my prayers are with you as you navigate countless appointments with physicians and therapists. Hang in there and enjoy your new addition!
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    I love the classic name! I watched a video on a news site about an eight month old baby boy having his cochlear turned on for the first time. ABSOLUELY AMAZING! The little boy whipped around and looked at his mum and just laughed out loud, only to shock himself with the sounds he was making, truly beautiful. I cried!
    Anyway, good luck with little Rose, God protects and cares for those who are weak, although, granted, it does not sound like she is weak!


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    I hope you, your family, and your beautifully named daughter are all doing well. She is so lucky to be born into a family as loving and considerate as yours! She is lucky to have your support, and it will nourish her. Good for you for learning ASL now, it must be very bonding for your family. Thank you for sharing your update!!
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    Congrats on your daughter and good luck.
    Cochlear implants really are great. My school has a high number of deaf/hearing impaired students and I've seen first hand how helpful and amazing they are. In the mean time keep up with the ASL, it is helpful.
    Good luck!

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