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    Thoughts on a sibling name...

    Hi All,

    I'm having lots of sleepless nights with my 7 week old...after 3 nights of nothing but name combinations running through my head I'm wanting some of your ideas...what would be a good sibling name next to our daughter, Naomi Jean? This is very futuristic of course but I can't stop thinking about it!

    Some of the names we liked but didn't pick were: Magnolia, Ava, Stella, Ruby, Indigo, Amaya, Pearl...
    Do any of these go especially well with Naomi? New names welcome too & even boy suggestions if you have one.

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    I could absolutely imagine a Stella with Naomi!

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    Good to hear! I do love Stella. It's not the very best with our last name but not bad either & has been a fav of mine for ages.

    Naomi & Stella, yea I think it works.

    The boy names we love are Ezra, Jude And Liam...which made me wonder If Eliza would be good with Naomi....similar to Ezra which honestly would be hard to let go of though.

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    I think Stella is absolutely gorgeous, and I second that it would definitely work with Naomi despite it's rise in popularity! I adore Ava and Ruby, but don't feel like they fit with Naomi. I've never met a Naomi and I feel like it's a pretty unique name, so Magnolia and Indigo would also give that same cool, unique vibe. I LOVE both. They seem so artsy and creative

    Ezra and Jude are two of my favorite names for boys, and would go wonderfully with Naomi!

    Some of your name ideas are Biblical, so how about Gideon for a boy? I think it's really cute. Abel or Levi?

    Hope this helps!

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    [QUOTE=lori johnson;1729599]My recommendation is ...

    NAOMI Jean


    MIRIAM Ruth


    TOBIAS Glenn

    Thanks Lori! I like the suggestion of Tobias. I've never considered it. It's amazing! I'll look more into its meaning, etc...

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