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    How sweet thank you!!

    We will find out end of February if this little babe is a boy or a girl... The boy's names we are pretty set on, but the girls have me worried. Girl's names are so hard!

    So far the list is:
    Elena nn Leni
    Vivienne nn Vivi
    Harriet nn "Hattie"
    Josephine nn "Josie"
    Proud mama to Lucia Marie (3) and Halle Regina born July 12th!

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    I had that epiphany moment with my second daughter. I was driving to visit my mother and as i was stopped for a red light in front of St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church. The name Susannah just sprang to mind and I couldn't wait to get to my mother's house to tell her what I wanted to name my baby if she was a girl. My mother loved the name too and that was back in the day when we didn't know what we were having until the dr. said...It's a ....... Every time I pass by that church to visit my mother I remember that moment and smile.

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