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    Perfect with Lucia. I don't like Etty though, maybe if it was spelled Ettie, but I prefer Etta. Of course, I would rather just Colette on its own! Lovely!

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    Love it! I have long loved this name. It was my "French name" for 4 years in high school french class. I only know one and she is actually Irish, strangely enough. Perfect with Lucia too. Great epiphany. I hope it works out and you use it because those names are meant to be sisters! I, too, however, am not a fan of Etty, but mostly because Colette is so gorgeous that it seems a shame to shorten it to anything. Good luck!

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    I met a Colette 2 years ago and that was the first time I had heard that name but I LOVED it! Your two names go really well together.

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    Lucia and Colette go together beautifully!! I LOVE them both. I think Etty is really cute, and Colette could always be used more when she gets older.

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    @ catheyc I also know a Colette of Irish descent lol!

    And my friend Colette's favorite name is Luca, strange coincidence, haha.

    Colette goes great with Lucia, both are exotic sounding with a hint of classical to them.
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