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  • Loose-Ian

    23 34.33%
  • Loo-shun

    41 61.19%
  • None of the above

    3 4.48%
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    I say Loo-shun. The Loose-ee-in pronunciation reminds me unfavourably of Lucifer or something. :/
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    I prn either spelling as Loo-shun, but I think it probably depends on where you come from. I'm thinking people in the UK and Europe would be more likely to say Loose-ian, and people on this side of the pond would more likely say Loo-shun? I'm sure there are exceptions to each, but that's my guess.

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    I am English and pronounce it Loose-ee-en whcich is closest to your Loose/Ian so I voted for that.

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    I live in the States, and say it as loo-shun. To me Lucien is more akin to loo-see-en.
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    I agree with the Lucian=Loo-shen and Lucien=Loose-ian assumptions. My best friend has a son named Lucian (here in the US) and it's pronounced Loo-shen.
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