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    Boy name suggestions, middle name William

    Hi everyone,

    We're having a little boy, and while I think we're almost 100% settled on a name, I can't seem to leave well enough alone and stop looking for suggestions to present to my husband.

    The name we have now is Duncan William. "William" is a family name on both sides, but one that's a bit too common for me to like as a first name. "Duncan" is the name my husband decided to start calling himself in high school, since there were too many other "Seans" about.

    So, as it stands the baby would be named after his daddy, but not a "junior." To avoid confusion, we may start trying to get everyone to call my husband by his given name again, but I guess part of my hesitation to commit 100% has to do with the fact that I'm afraid that won't work, and people will start calling our son "Little D." Ewww.

    His family also hates it, but that's kind of a plus for me. None of their business anyway.

    Anyway, I decided to post here to see if anyone had any suggestions we'd like better. I've been through a couple of name books and all over the interwebs at this point, with no success. I like Celtic-sounding names, particularly Irish but also some Scottish and Welsh. Also nature names, so long as they don't reek too strongly of patchouli (though we are fairly crunchy.) I don't want to name the kid anything that's going to be TOO out there or hard to pronounce, but I don't want him to share a name with a bunch of other kids either.

    My husband likes...well, to honest, I'll be damned if I know what he likes. I've made a bazillion suggestions. Some of them he even dignifies with a response, and that response is always "No." "Duncan" is the only name we've agreed on, but he's enthusiastic in private and then acts like we're still completely undecided in public.

    So far, we have "Duncan William" and then "Eric William" as a distant second.

    Thoughts on "Duncan?" Any other suggestions?

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    I really like Duncan but I get where you're coming from. I also REALLY like Eric. Eric is a subtle classic, not so in your face like James or, sorry, William. However, William compliments Eric very nicely.

    I'd recommend these.
    Declan- very close to Duncan.
    Good luck,

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    Thanks, Charliesmommy!

    Declan and Dashiell have already been shot down, I'm afraid. He has an ex-friend whose given name was Desmond, so that's also probably a no-go. When I see "Graham," I think "cracker," but I'll suggest it to him and see what he says.

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    My first thought was Malcolm. Totally gives me the same Scottish vibe as Duncan. Maybe Cormac, Keane, Kieran, Lachlan, Nolan, or Conan?

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    How about Ewan, Tiernan, Callum, or Eamon?
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