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    Gannon? Opinions?

    What does everyone think about the name Gannon? I heard it awhile ago on some TV show and loved it but since kind of forgotten about it and recently my s/o has brought it back up...I haven't heard it much so don't really know what others think of the name. What's your opinion?

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    Well, it's the name of the villain on "Legend of Zelda"...

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    I like it. It's in line with the using last names as first names trend.

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    I like it! Makes me think of flocks of Canada geese for some reason. Maybe because I think of "gander" and "merganser."

    Gawain is another nice one, with a lot of great history/legend behind it. You can pronounce it the old way, "GOW-en," or the new way, "Ga-WAIN"

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    I too get the Legend of Zelda villain association. Not sure I'd want to name my son after a sorcerer pig...
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