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    Question Strange name sightings

    No not in the trendy way. In the last six months or so I've been noticing a lot of young child/babies( mainly girls) being named commonly considered "dated" names. Maybe its been long enough to honor family with them?

    Terri (g, Saw on a news paper birth announcement)
    Kenneth (also on birth annoucement)
    Jacqueline "Jackie" (Heard at target. Not anymore then two or three. Unsure of spelling)
    Laurie/Lori(Heard yelled at a store. I might of heard them call her Lauren or Laurel once)
    Kristi (Maybe 4 at the most.)

    I think I've heard a few more. Cant remember now

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    Terri (g, Saw on a news paper birth announcement) Not a fan, the I makes it worse. Theresa is great though
    Kenneth (also on birth annoucement) this I think is handsome
    Jacqueline "Jackie" I love Jacqueline & find it classic, but Jackie is nms. Jacquelyn isn't nearly as nice. Also I'm sure there could be all kinds of awful spellings!
    Laurie/Lori cute, but not a name I find very serious. Cute as a nn
    Kristi (Maybe 4 at the most.) Same as above.

    I've met 2 Brians this past week!

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