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    We are really struggling with boy names. My husband and I can agree on a whole list of girl names, but can't find anything that either of us is really sold on for boys.

    Our first son is Kasen Andrew. He often goes by Kase. Because we have one of the most common last names in the US (Johnson), I want to stay away from overly popular names. Popular names that I like or names that we can't use for other reasons include Jacob, Henry, Michael, Elijah (Eli), Ryan, Carter, William (Will), and Benjamin. We both also like names that are short/strong, or that can be shortened to a nickname.

    Names that either my husband or I have added to a "maybe" list include:
    Raymond(Ray) - family name
    Kolby (husband hates)
    Vaughn (I think it sounds silly with our last name)
    Vincent (Vince)
    Kendal (I think this is more of a girls name)
    Kyler (husband is Kyle, so this might be weird)

    We would greatly appreciate any comments or especially new ideas!
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