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    Sibling for Everett Christian

    I'm ready for #2 but we are waiting until baby is 1 to start trying again. So baby name dreaming is keeping me sane until then.

    With our first, we were set on a boy name but couldn't agree on a girl name. Luckily, #1 is a boy! Now for #2 we have agreed on a girl name but no longer agree on boy names.

    Our son is Everett Christian. If #2 is a girl she will likely be Felicity HazeAnn. (HazeAnn was my grandma's name).

    Names on my boy list:
    Calvin (Cal) - DH likes...I'm unsure
    Russell (Russ) - DH likes...I'm unsure
    Archer - DH hasn't heard it yet
    Dawson - DH says no
    Alistair - DH says no....which makes me beyond sad...
    Sullivan - DH hasn't heard it yet

    Trying to stay out of the top 100. Middle names would likely be Alan after my dad.

    Last name sounds like handsaw.

    Any suggestions?

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    I like Sullivan that best. I has always been on my list but I don't know if I would use it because of the nickname Sully, which I hate. Calvin is cute and Archer is also lovely.
    Mummy to three handsome little men.

    Caleb James
    Noah Alexander
    Thomas Connor

    Expecting our fourth baby at the beginning of October.

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