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    if you want a different name that can have a short nickname, we are looking at Xavier (although pronounced ex-zavier) and Ezekiel...nicknames Xavi (z-A-vee) and Zeke

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    brother name for Kasen...we're stumped too!

    My wife and I are literally in the EXACT SAME POSITION that you and your husband are in! Our son is Kasen Miller and we have had the hardest time settling on a name for our second boy...who will probably be arriving in the next WEEK!

    So have you guys decided yet? Love to hear what you settled on, if you've decided.

    My wife would really like to go with another K name, I just want something we both like. Which has obviously proven to be VERY difficult.

    My wife likes
    Koen (pronounced like Cohen)

    Koen just doesn't do it for me, and Kieran sounds too close to Karen to me. But maybe I'm just weird? Kabot...not feeling it either.

    I've suggested names outside of the K realm, like Bryce, Maddox, Duncan, Josiah, Quentin.

    We tried Kwentin with a K, but it just looks forced and like we don't know how to spell.

    Any input or words of advice? Other names that might go well with Kasen?

    Thanks for sharing! I don't think it's a coincidence that we ran across this page, of all the webpages in the world...can you imagine the probability of that?! I was at a place of complete frustration and literally praying to God at the time for help when we ran across this the same week.


    ~Jonathan and Liesal

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