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    Still in need of help please!

    It's me again, sorry. I've been trying NOT to think about names but it hasn't really worked!
    We have a bit of a short list, but I feel there are problems with all these names and DH isn't keen on many of them either.

    One combo I really quite like is Oliver Ambrose, but Oliver is in the Top 3 names where I live but I know a lot of little Olivers and I just can't bring myself to use it. I do like Ambrose in the middle spot (I wouldn't use it as a first name) but our last name starts with G, so we have to be quite careful with the first initial if we have A G to follow Can anyone think of some alternatives to Oliver that might work with Ambrose in the middle?

    The other names that we are sort of considering are:
    Archer (I like the nn Archie, but it's quite popular here and I worry about having a surname name with our already long double surname)
    Finlay (like this, and the nn Finn, but the meaning of fair-headed/white isn't really going to apply to our baby who is definitely NOT going to be fair-headed himself)
    Tobias (DH would go for this, but something about it doesn't feel right for me, Tobin is definitely off the list because of sounding too similar to our daughter Imogen)
    Asher (we considered this with our daughter but I worry that it's going to go the way of the girls, I'm not keen on the nn Ash and to my surprise it is also growing in popularity here)
    Ezra (DH doesn't like it)
    Henry (DH doesn't like it)
    Angus (is actually quite popular here and it while I like it, it still reminds me of the cow, also I think the gus sound at the end is a bad match to the g sound at the start of our surname)

    Ambrose is not a given in the middle spot, I just like the way it flowed with Oliver - and maybe it gives you some idea of the type of name I am looking for.

    Sorry for the long post. I was so grateful for all the replies to my last post and it did help a lot, I just still haven't been able to figure out a name that I just love. I'm definitely still open to suggestions of new names, DH isn't going to go for anything too unusual or quirky and I don't want common or overused so I guess something in the middle...?

    Thanks again!

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    Oh I love Archie! You could go with Archibald. I'd suggest these-
    Theodore nn Theo
    Edward nn Ned
    Good luck,

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    Thanks both of you. I really, really like Theodore but DH has said absolutely not, I can't even convince him to just use Theo. I think it's a great name and it seems to be getting a lot of love here on Nameberry
    We already have Edward, Alan and John in our immediate family
    Isaac and Levi are both popular names here, as are Oscar and William.
    I'd prefer at least 2 syllables, as although we don't abbreviate names ourselves, I like for my children to have the option to do so.
    We had considered August and it's other alternatives, but DH isn't keen on a "month" name.
    I guess the other thing is that we'd prefer an English name, as we have a bi-cultural surname, so Salvatore and Marzio are not really our style.

    Please keep the opinions and suggestions coming, I need all the help I can get.

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