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    For me it's when people take it too far.

    They say things like, "I want 3 super girly names that sound like Disney princess daughters! like:
    Ellouisette Aurorabella Fairyanna! "

    They add elle, belle, anne, ette, beth, etc. to every name to make it even more sugary than it was to begin with.

    I have nothing against feminine names! I love them and I generally dislike feminine forms/variants of masculine names, but some people take it too far.
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    I don't think I've seen anyone post that an overly frilly is equal to weak.

    Some people just prefer names that aren't princessy, while others do.
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    Most people don't like extremes.
    Just as Arabella and Anastasia are too frilly and feminine for some, Bruno and Thor are way too burly and manly. Most want a name without so much weigh and those extremely feminine/masculine names can be overpowering on the wrong child.

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    I don't think most people mean feminine is bad when they say they dislike 'frilly' names. There are plenty of names that exude femininity without being frilly (like Mary, Sarah, Jane etc...) frilly to me, is just a style of name, which some people like and others don't. There's a lot of people on nameberry who dislike masculine/unisex names on girls too, naming is all about personal preference.
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    I agree it's the longer over embellished names but also cutesy names that I personally dislike.

    For me, I dislike girly frilly names, because I am not an overly girly woman and would hate to be called Lillibelle or Evangelina as it just doesn't feel like me. I'm difficult to please though as I also really dislike unisex names because I have one and I have had a lot of hassle with people assuming I'm a man from my name.

    So I prefer names that are obviously feminine but not dripping with pink sugar and fairy wings.

    To me feminine isn't bad for a girl's name, it is essential, but frilly feels like you are boxing them into a very stereotyped category and I prefer to pick names that don't have a lot of weight connected to them in terms of personality or gender. For me at least, other people bring their own baggage when it comes to names.

    I also wouldn't name a boy Rock, Atlas or Tyson because they suggest very stereotyped ideas for boys for me as well.
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