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Thread: Naming Dilemma

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    Lightbulb Naming Dilemma

    I want to name my second daughter after my mother and grandmother, but I do not want to use either of their actual names. My mothers name is Kimberley Jo and my grandmothers name is Diane Elizabeth. Is there some way I can honor them without using their actual names? Thanks in advance.

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    What is your first child's name?

    Jo could be Josephine, Joanna, Johannah, Josepha, Joy, Joelle
    Elizabeth could be any of the nicknames for Elizabeth and there are many including Eliza, Beth, Betsy, Bette, Bess, Libby, Elle
    Diane could be Diana, Dinah, Dina

    Some combos:

    Eliza Josephine
    Dinah Josephine
    Johannah Beth
    Elle Joanna

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    How about a similar name like Eliza / Dianna Josephine?

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    Jolie is a possibility to honor your mother. Anna-Beth could also be a way to honor your grandmother.

    Also, how about using a symbolic name rather than a take on the actual names? For example, what is your mother's/grandmother's favorite flower, favorite vacation spot, or favorite bird?
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