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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysessha View Post
    I'm surprised Daranya reads as Russian to everyone. It's actually Hausa, Old Persian, and Hindi, meaning "heavy clouds rolling back before the sunrise", "golden", and "to stand in awe" respectively. Although I think the Hindi version also means "fearful" too, depending.
    It sounds like a smoosh of Darinka and Anya, that's why (for me)!

    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysessha View Post
    Otts, I always knew we were kindred spirits, but this clinches the deal! I love your descriptions of Elowen, Faerydae, Lirael, Melusine, Oriel, Reverie, Satia/Satya, Soraya, and Virelai...but my most favorites are Gwyneira, Illyria, Namine, Nephele, Serafina, and Tinuviel! I agree with Ems, I sort of see you as an infusion of all of these magical qualities

    Emmy, I don't know if any party could contain that much fabulousity, but it would be hella fun to find out!
    I'm glad you liked them! Kindred spirits, I like that! I might have poured some of my personality or quirks in there... and that party would be cool and fun I think, almost disturbing
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    anajo - thanks for your feedback! I especially like your description of Elowen!

    blade - anytime I don't know if I can let go of Faerydae just yet...with all the Fae/Faye/Fey/Faraday-ses in the world, maybe there's room somewhere for one little Faerydae to sneak in... I had totally forgotten about the Sailor Moon Serenity! Used to love that show when I was a kid.

    otter - yeah, I think Daranya has to go...I luffs her so much, but she's just not right for a kiddo of mine.

    Thanks to you guys, the list is steadily shrinking! I'll post the newly shortened version on my "middles for Alice" thread. You rock!
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