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    I'm giving this a go... These are literally the first things that pop into my head.

    Daranya - She grew up in a Russian orphanage. When she was 15 she started selling strawberries by the road, saving up money a little at a time to get her out of there.
    Delphine - She lives in Sorbonne, works at the museum of the middle ages. She always has lunch in Square de Cluny, looking at the beautiful flowers and reading old books.
    Eirene - Calm and quiet, but with lots of inner strength. She looks like a painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
    Elentari - She bought a beehive at 21 after years of worrying about them becoming instinct. She wishes her parents had given her a more normal middle name, she gets tired of people's comments on her name but can't face changing it as she doesn't want to hurt her parents feeling.
    Elowen - A poet, or she wants to be. She does translating on the side, and rides her bike everywhere. She's also fabulous baker.
    Faerydae - Her parents were hippies, she grew up in a liberal home. She left when she was 16 and traveled the world. When she came back, she was a shaman.
    Faline - A hot tempered young lady. She's passionate and very intelligent, she wants to change the world but doesn't quiet know where to start.
    Farasha - She's funny and smart, a little complicated.
    Gwyneira - The strange girl at school. She's a feminist, reads poetry and drinks absinth. Only wears dresses; lace, velvet and silk, always lots of jewelry and deep red lipstick.
    Illyria - A flower child. She wears beautiful chiffon dresses and runs barefoot through the meadows, picking bluebells and daisies. Her hair is blonde and curly and waves in the wind. She always laughs and smiles, a wild creature. She smells like the ocean, in a good way.
    Lirael - She works at a animal shelter, she has three dogs, two cats and a bunny in her tiny flat. She's always got people sleeping at her sofa, she hates turning people away. She can't watch the news, she gets to sad from all the horrors in the world.
    Melusine - She's a florist, she has an amazing little shop with all the most beautiful flowers you can imagine. She reads science fiction novels, has a little daughter and drives a bad ass motorbike.
    Namine - She's seen an angel three times, always in the garden at night. She doesn't tell anyone, cause she's afraid they'll think she's crazy. She dabbles in magic from time to time, but always gets scared by what happens.
    Nephele - Went to art school and studied fabric print. She makes her own dream catchers, and gives them as presents to all her friends. She has two cats, loves herbal tee and has five tarot decks. Her home smells pleasantly of jasmine and rose.
    Niviera - Sweet and fun, with lots of attitude. Hates in when people say her name sounds like a mush of Nivea and the Riviera...
    Oriel - A serious one, but with a twinkle in her eye. She studies latin and is an expert on butterflies.
    Reverie - Reverie's mum has always called her princess. She started studying at Cambridge, but in her first semester she met a fire eater, and now she travels with the circus. She's training to be a knife thrower.
    Satia or Satya - Her parents were both brought up in India. She's truly british, she love tea in the afternoon, tweed and hunting.
    Senara - She's kind, passionate and selfless, she became a nurse to work for Médecins Sans Frontières.
    Seraphine or Serafina - She loves everything vintage, and collects hats. She works in a little shop in an upmarket neighbourhood, and drives a vintage Vespa. She only listens to operas and classical music. Her flat has no electric light, only a fireplace and lots and lot of candles.
    Soraya - She works at the local organic shop, gets up every morning at 5 to do pilates and take a walk with her dog along the river. She desperately wants to see the whole world, but her conscience won't let her go on a plane...
    Serenity - I imagine a) a day dreamer who sits in class doodling in her notebooks or b) a wayward girl in the rehab wing at the hospital, trying to shake her amphetamine addiction once and for all.
    Tifareth - She's a loner, she wants to be a mathematician. She also loves to play the viola.
    Tinuviel - A painter. She lives in a old fisherman's cottage by the sea, takes long walks in the rain through the muddy forest and loves going out on the sea in her little boat.
    Virelai - Her mother wanted a sweet little princess, but got a cheeky little monkey instead. Virelai loves mountaineering and rafting, she plays football and drinks like a fish. She's spunky and funny, always surrounded by admirers.
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    Blade, you are what my Maine friend calls "wicked pissah." Your description of Faline cracked me up.

    Ottilie, I want to believe that you are a combination of all these wondrous characters you describe.

    Can we have a party and invite Gwyneira, Virelai, Tinuviel, Serafina, Illyria, Elowen, Soraya, Senara, Satya, and Oriel?
    Maybe even Nephele and Faerydae. They need to get out of the house more.

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    Oh my goodness, you guys, you're a riot!

    I'm surprised Daranya reads as Russian to everyone. It's actually Hausa, Old Persian, and Hindi, meaning "heavy clouds rolling back before the sunrise", "golden", and "to stand in awe" respectively. Although I think the Hindi version also means "fearful" too, depending.

    Blade, no disclaimer is needed. Raspberries and orange aren't as influential to my naming process as the actual associations that come with a name and the way it's perceived And you are cracking me up! If you ever get tired of the surgeon-ing, I think you'd make a smashing satirist on the side!
    I love your descriptions of Eirene, Elowen, Gwyneira, Illyria, Senara, Seraphine/Serafina, Soraya, and Tinuviel. To address a few of your comments:
    Elentari: ACK NO LARPING!!! I may play D&D every Saturday night, but you won't find any Boots of Escaping here! >_>
    Faerydae: She would definitely be a middle, not a first. In all seriousness, do you foresee her wanting to change her name? Because I'm that girl, and I'd feel perfectly horrid if I did that to my child.
    Faline: Blade, darling, you are an absolute TRIP.
    Namine: pronounced nah-min-ay...I assumed it was a fairly intuitive pronunciation based on names like Nerine, am I wrong?
    Reverie: I shudder at the very thought of meeting this person in real life @_@
    Serenity: YIKES! Did I miss the down-market memo? Because all my associations with Serenity are picturesque zen scenes of rippling water, white cranes, round windows, and sakura trees...or the soulful Firefly theme and the melting pot of Asian fusion, frontier blues, and trip-hop that is the Bastion soundtrack.

    stripedsocks: I love your take on Gwyneira as a gothic Snow White! That's exactly the same vibe that I get, with a dash of the Arthurian romance because of her similarity to Guinevere.

    Otts, I always knew we were kindred spirits, but this clinches the deal! I love your descriptions of Elowen, Faerydae, Lirael, Melusine, Oriel, Reverie, Satia/Satya, Soraya, and Virelai...but my most favorites are Gwyneira, Illyria, Namine, Nephele, Serafina, and Tinuviel! I agree with Ems, I sort of see you as an infusion of all of these magical qualities

    Emmy, I don't know if any party could contain that much fabulousity, but it would be hella fun to find out!
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    I'll do the ones that pop out at me.

    Elowen - Irish, but a dark Irish. Quiet but strong.

    Gwyneira - European, Welsh perhaps, strawberry-blonde and tall. Gentle yet playful.

    Reverie - American with brown hair and medium height. Tomboy-ish and loud.

    Senara - Spanish or Mexican with long dark hair and a sassy attitude.

    Soraya - Russian perhaps with sharp features and soft eyes. Kind but firm.

    Serenity - American, thin and blonde. Shy with bright blue eyes.
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    Thanks for letting me take the proverbial piss a bit. In all seriousness I do not think Faerydae, even in the middle, is remotely usable. Any more than plain Fairy.

    Serenity = Sailor Moon, and the kinds of people who name their children after Sailor Moon characters.
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