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    sibling name pattern

    My boys are John Paul Christopher and Graham Jacob Michael. They both have one syllable first names and two middle. Is this a pattern I should stick with for future children? Does gender make a difference as to whether of not I should keep the pattern? And are there any other patterns you see in my boys

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    I would definitely not stick with a pattern. In my view, while giving your children names which are similar in terms of style (John & Graham as opposed to John & Kenyon) makes sense, naming them according to a pattern ties you down and comes across as tacky.
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    I think I'd keep the three names and the style, but I wouldn't worry about the syllable pattern. So, Charlotte Anne Helene would be fine, for example. Like araminta I wouldn't stray stylistically too far--Harlow Savannah Dove jars against the more traditional names of your boys.
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    Since you've used wonderful classic names for your children thus far, I'd recommend continuing that trend with future children--to me, style is most important. I think it would be nice to use three names for every child, but don't think it's necessary. It's totally okay (and perhaps even recommended to veer from single syllable names. A mixture of one to two syllable names would pair very nicely together (for instance, Henry and David would fit well with your boys' names). I think you have a little more leeway with the lengths of girls' names, as long as they fit stylistically with John and Graham (so an Elizabeth or Madeline would fit in nicely).

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