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    Historical Pairs

    Being a history nerd I figured that putting a famous pair as the middle names for twins would be a good way to tie them together without being over the top.

    Ideas so far:
    Romulus and Remus
    Ceaser and Brutus
    Antony and Cleopatra
    Isis and Osiris
    Louis/Lewis and Clark
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Jack and Diane (not history but still)

    Any other ideas?

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    Doing lovers might be kind of weird if they are siblings, but: Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Jill, Bruce and Robin , Gilbert and Sullivan,
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    Didn't think about the lovers part. Lol. Going on the R&J line there's Romeo and Benvolio.

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    Caesar and Cleopatra (one of the world's most famous love stories, Caesar and Cleo could work)
    Alexander (Helios) and Cleopatra (Selene) (the twins of Cleopatra VII, above, and Mark Antony)
    William and Mary (husband and wife, who co-ruled England together from 1689-1694)
    Napoleon and Josephine (Bonaparte and de Beauharnais, who were very much in love. Is Napoleon a stretch? I personally don't think I'd name my son Napoleon, I do however like Bonaparte as a middle name. You could also use the feminine version of Napoleon: Napoleone, it's very beautiful)
    Albert and Victoria (Queen Victoria and her Prince Albert, my own personal favourite because they were so much in love. It could be Alberta and Victoria, or Albert and Victor too. And let's face it, their names just go really well together)
    Heathcliff and Catherine (had to mention them since Wuthering Heights is my favourite book of all time, Heathcliff might be a big mouthful of a name, but Heath and Catherine/Kate sounds adorable)
    Pierre and Marie (Curie, married geniuses)
    Franklin and Eleanor (Roosevelt, my favourite political pairing)
    Nicholas and Alexandra (the last Tsar of Russia and his very beloved wife, Alexandra Feodorovna)
    Edward and Jane (Rochester and Eyre, one of the literatures most lovely love stories)
    Perseus and Andromeda (one of Greek mythology's biggest love stories, though I don't think it can beat Paris and Helen).
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    I don't think I'd name my son Napoleon either, even though I like the name.
    Pierre and Marie
    Paris and Helen
    and if I could ever get DH to agree Helios and Selene.

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