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    Girls names

    So I want to have around 6 kids, yes its a lot but its very realistic for me, I have been babysitting up to 6 kids at a time since I was 14. I adore children and come from a medium family and always wanted more siblings. Any ways I need more potential girls names because I want to be prepared when the time comes. Here is my list so far I have 5 boys names and 2 girls names so I need 3 more girls names. Mainly I like classic southern names btw Carin is Lousiana for Karen but I will pronounce it Corrine it is a family name.
    I really don't know any names I particuallarly love. Thanks for the help.
    Noah Royce
    Turner Lee
    Thomas Powe
    MackenzieThatcher goes by Mac
    Dan Isaac
    James Caspian
    Frances Carin
    Shelley Ruth
    SO three girls names....Ready GO!!

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