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    I like Justice, but I'm not crazy about Jay as a middle.
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    As I said on the 'comprehensive celeb baby names' list, I don't like it, and I feel cheated.

    I get them wanting to use J names, but come on Jensen and Danneel, there are HUNDREDS of J names that are actual girl names.

    I could have easily seen them with a little Jessamine Ackles.

    At least Jared and Gen got it right when they named their son Thomas Colton!
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    I really don't like it, I'm very very disappointed. JJ is cute, but Justice? Ugh.
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    I don't like Justice, but I think her middle name and nickname are adorable!
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    At a recent Supernatural convention in Vancouver, Jensen actually explained how they came up with the name. He says Danneel really liked "Justice", and as for "Jay", they came up with it because it's a nickname of sorts for Jensen. Like, whenever he goes to Starbucks and they want a name, to make it easy he just says "J", which usually ends up being written as "Jay" on the side of the cup. So, that's just what they ended up using. After hearing that I thought it was kind of cute, it means she has a little bit of her daddy in her name as well.

    Incase anyone was wondering, I thought I'd share that here...
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