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    bailibsmum Guest
    It's totally awesomeeeee !! Danneel Also tweeted that they are expecting a GIRL!!
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    AH! A little princess Ackles! I'm a huge fan of Supernatural and the cast. I can definitely see them going with something more traditional.

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    I've been so far pretty happy with the names coming out of this cast (Misha can be hit or miss on EVERYTHING, and I actually really like West's name; I call little Thomas Colton 'The Colt' without fail) and I've been waiting excitedly for Jensen and Danneel to have kids for a very long time. I loved Danneel before I even got around to watching Supernatural and then totally fell for Jensen and the rest of the cast, so a precious little Ackles baby is fantastic news for me. They both have such interesting names and I'm honestly stumped for guesses about what kind of name we'll see from them.

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    For some reason I can see them going with maybe a Southern sounding name. Something like Savannah always springs to mind when I think about them. I don't think they will go with anything wacky, since they both have such unique names themselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ali_absolutely View Post
    I hope that the Ackles follow in the footsteps of the Padaleckis and not the Collins. Thomas Colton is a wonderful name for a baby, but West Anaximander and Maison Marie...not so much.
    I also love West Anaximander, but dislike Maison Marie. Maisie Marie would have been much better imo.

    I can't wait to see what Jensen and Danneel choose. I could see them choosing really trendy name for some reason. Can anyone else see them with a little Olive? Olive Ackles. Kinda cutesy!

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