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Thread: Emrys

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    renrose Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    I think in Wales it is pronounced em-REESE. Myrddin Emrys is the Welsh variant of the name Merlinus Ambrosius.
    According to my Welsh friend:

    Myrddin Emrys = mer-thin em-ress (the 'th' sound is like the start of the word 'the' rather than 'thought')

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    I love it!

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    javad Guest
    Thanks for responses everyone...

    Sparrowfinch- Yeah, I also discovered this link to Merlin, but I had never realized this connection until I actually was doing name research, so my assumption is that the vast majority of other people won't know this either.

    Emmabo- You asked about top five, they are: Emrys, Caius, Amias, Caian and Kian (Ansel, Saul, Darius, Emmett and Conrad filling up the top 10)

    Blade- I was wondering if it may be pronounced like that, but from everything I can discover it seems to be more like em-riss or em-ress. It seems that the y sound in Welsh has different pronunciation based on what its together with, so Rhys = Reese, but Rys = Riss. I think. I'm not expert, but that's what it seems to say on different pronunciation sites I found

    Renrose- Thanks for letting me know how your Welsh friend pronounces it! Definitely want to be pronouncing it correctly if we use it. I'm wondering if the way you wrote it, em-ress, and the way I had written it earlier, em-riss, are the same pronunciation? They seem to me to be pretty close to identical pronunciations, but maybe there is a subtle difference I'm missing?

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    javad Guest
    One more important point to mention.
    Do you think it'd be strange to choose Emrys for our second sons name if our first son's middle name is Rees (same pronunciation as Rhys/Reese/Reece, we choose this spelling variation because of many generations of family history)?

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