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Thread: Emrys

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    I'd like to hear some thoughts on the name Emrys (pronounced em-riss; Welsh variation of the Greek name Ambrose meaning 'immortal')
    It's been slowly climbing it's way up our list and is now sitting solidly in our top five (and our top five is finally starting to become actually solid, whereas before it just kept changing every week or so).

    What do you think of Emrys?

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    I like it, different, phonetic, and easily said. All in all a great name!

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    I love it!
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    I love it too. Wish I'd thought of it! My assumption was that it would be pronounced the way you pronounce it but there is some risk that it will be pronounced Em-Reese. I think it's easily corrected and not that big of a deal, though.

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    Whoops! Sparrowfinch, didn't see your comment. Not being a big Merlin-maven myself, I wouldn't assume someone who named her son Emrys was some kind of Dungeons and Dragons nerd..

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