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    Middle name for Jack???

    Thinking about letting my daughter pick out the name for the baby (shell be 7)....She really likes Jack...Im growing to like it, so now Im trying to figure out a middle name.

    I would really like an Irish name because I am irish and grew up over there as a child... Any ideas?

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    Jack Ronan
    Jack Seamus (shay-muss)
    Jack Tomas

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    I love Jack, Jack Ryan has been my favourite for a long time.
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    I love Jack! My personal favorite is Jack August/Jack August Cole, but it's not very Irish. I also really like Jack Elliot.

    What about:

    Jack Declan (maybe too many "k" sounds, though?)
    Jack Finnian
    Jack Finnegan
    Jack Finley
    Jack Tiernan (seriously considered this combo for myself!)
    Jack Cillian
    Jack Ciaran (love this!)
    Jack Brody
    Jack Brady
    Jack Ian (although this is a bit repetitive, since these are both connected to John)
    Jack Rory (love this, too!)
    Jack Rowan (not sure if Rowan is really Irish, but I do like it with Jack!)
    Jack Aidan (Aidan's popular, but I still really love it)
    Jack Dermot
    Jack Desmond
    Jack Eamon (love this, too!)
    Jack Fergus
    Jack Emmet (I really love this pairing! I'm not sure how Irish it is, but I saw Emmet on a list of Irish names. I do prefer the Emmett spelling, though)
    Jack Malachy (I like Malachi better, but Malachy is the Irish variant)
    Jack Niall
    Jack Patrick (love these together, but it's kinda rhymey)
    Jack Reilly/Jack Riley

    Good luck!
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    You probably know more Irish names than most of us, but I love Jack Eamon.
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