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    A brother for Charlotte

    Help! I was totally convinced this baby was a girl. Found out today I was wrong! Let me know what you think of these names. Middle name is MacKenzie and last is Higgins.

    ______________ MacKenzie Higgins

    1. Graham
    2. Lachlan
    3. Dane
    4. Kieran
    5. Cormac
    6. Finlay (Finn) – Or just go with Finn? My issue other than pop in SF area is that this is increasingly a girl’s name
    7. James

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    I think Graham or James go best with Charlotte. I really like Finn names in general and Lachlan too. I generally like Cormac but not with MacKenize (too much "Mac" back to back). Dane and Kieran aren't my faves.

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    While I like all of your names, especially Kieran and Cormac, I agree with trainoke that Graham or James fit the best with the middle name and your daughter's name!

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    I love Dane! So manly but still friendly and approachable. It sounds the best with the middle and last name.
    Good luck,

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    Graham or Dane. With such a long middle and last combo, you need a one syllable FN for balance.

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