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    Opinions on Demelza

    I've asked about Demelza on other forums and the nicest thing anyone has said about it is 'I don't hate it' and 'at least it's not made up'. Consensus seems to be that it sounds like a Disney villain. But I'm thinking people here might be a bit more open-minded about it really that bad? Do you think it's useable?
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    People are extremely open minded here to be sure, but I just don't care for this and really don't see it as useable.
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    I can get on board with Demelza! I think it's quirky and interesting and would make a really cool choice. Demi? Ellie? Mel? A ton of great nickname options! In the end, it's not one I would personally use, but I would be very delighted to meet one.

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    I don't mind it. It has a nice ring to it and awesome nn potential.

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    Ironically when you mentioned a the Disney thing..........first thing I thought of when I saw it was Cruella de Vil. It does have that same ring to it.

    I think it sounds like a harsh Eastern European name, so depending on your ethnic background I suppose it could work.

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