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    You are Charlotte Rose, and finally engaged! Your partner Nathaniel James just proposed to you! A few months later, you are married and you are about to head off on to your honeymoon, where you are going to:

    Your favourite genre of movies/books/tv shows are:
    3. Comdies: Los Angeles, USA

    A few weeks later, you and your newlywed find out you are expecting! 9 months later:
    What time of the day is it for you right now?
    3. Evening-You had twin girls!
    Names: Elsie Violet & Willa Pearl

    A couple of years later you try again! Success!
    1. If your name starts with a vowel: It's a Boy!
    Name: Hugh Oliver

    Suprise! You are pregnant again just after your youngest turns 1!
    You can decide what gender your child is-but I choose the name!
    Your favourite colour is:Yellow- Sienna Marigold

    3 years later, you fall pregnant with multiples!
    What colour are your eyes?:
    Brown- Triplets: Charlie Madden, Evelyn Audrey & Iris Adelaide

    After trying for a few more years, you're unsuccessful. So you adopt. You adopt from:

    If your birthday is in: BOYS
    Jan-Feb - Ethiopia - Name: Asha Taye

    Charlotte & Nate
    Elsie & Willa
    Charlie, Evie & Iris

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