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    Quote Originally Posted by irexshicanbabe View Post
    OOohh, i like Eliza too. I have a friend who has mentioned using that name in the future possibly...but does that count as name stealing?
    My favorites are
    Beatrix and Daphne
    Beatrix and Eliza
    Beatrix and Harriet

    Ok, my mom suggested this, what do you think?

    Beatrix and Priscilla

    I like Beatrix with Daphne, Eliza, and Priscilla (nn Rilla).

    In the same line as Harriet do you like Henrietta, Hilary, Helena, Honora?

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    Favorite girl names of the moment: Cecilia, Eleanor, Amelia, Violet, Charlotte, and Ramona

    Favorite boy names of the moment: Henry, Micah, Jack, Elijah, Owen, and Jonah

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    when I sarted this post my daughter was a month old. Now she is two and we are expecting another daughter in two months! I think Harriet (Hattie) is my favorite but I also like Susanna (Zuzu). I would still appreciate any suggestions for new names!!

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