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    Is it just me or does Bea sound best as the second name? For example, I think Daphne goes pretty well with Beatrix but when I say the two together I want to say "Daphne and Bea" not the other way around. Same with Theo. Oh well, guess there's no changing the order now!

    Some great suggestions - thank you. I think Violet is the cutest paired with Beatrix but it is so popular - especially relative to Beatrix. Isadora nn Izzy is also adorable. It's a name I wouldn't have considered but now that I need something that can "compete" with the strength of the name Beatrix, it's sounding better. Same with Daphne. Not really my style before, but now my style is "Beatrix" and I do think it goes with Beatrix. Imogen is also cute with Beatrix though I feel it's quite a bit softer in feeling.

    What do you think of Beatrix and Harriet?

    Beatrix, Theodore and Harriet
    Bea, Theo and Hattie?

    I feel Beatrix is very clunky/cool, old lady, spunky...Can you think of other names along these lines?

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