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Thread: Ottilie/Autalie

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    I really like the name Ottilie (pronounced aw-ta-lee / oht-till-lee), but I'm not sure how I feel about the spelling. I was playing around with Autalie (same pronounciation) but I'm nervous it's too much of a stretch. I really like Au names, but I'm normally not a fan of spelling changes. I don't want to go for top 100 names, but I don't want something that doesn't even sound like a name. I really like Ottilie because it's cute while still having that strong feminine feel. Thoughts?
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    Stick with Ottilie. It's a perfectly fine name, no need to change it up to something that will give her a headache to explain and other people to spell. You might like Aurelia, though.

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    I also Love this name (I posted about it a few months ago trying to name a sister for our Beatrix.). DH loves it too. And we pronounce it the same way. However, every single person we say this name to really dislikes it. They say it sounds too much like "oddly". I still think this name is adorable and the perfect combination of familiar sounding, refreshing, classsic etc. however, knowing that SO many people dislike it has made us pretty much eliminate it from our list...we don't need everyones approval for a name but if we know everyone hates it then it doesn't really seem fair to the child...but I do love it.

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    Whoops, and to answer your question, I would definitely stick with Ottilie. The other spelling makes it seem like made up name (and based on all the feedback we've gotten it seems like you'll have enough people thing it's a made up name with the correct spelling). Man, I love this name, please use it.

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    I really like Ottilie too. I would stick with the original spelling I think spelling changes just add more complications.
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