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    A sister for Wyatt. Need names! Help!

    I am 37 1/2 weeks pregnant and we are still undecided on a name. I would like a name that flows well with Wyatt and our last name Jermaine (not the exact spelling but same pronunciation). So far the only names we can agree on are:
    -Lauren, I'm afraid it is gaining popularity
    -Caralyn, I like this spelling but am afraid people will pronounce it Car-Ah and not Care-Ah. If you saw this spelling how would you pronounce it? Would we be better off spelling it with a K?

    We would love any suggestions. Names that I love but my husband doesn't like are Nora, Lydia, Josephine and Abigail. My husband liked Zoe and Avery. He likes modern and popular names and I tend to like the opposite. We would love to find a happy medium. Wyatt's middle names are French so we are open to French names. We have agreed on the middle name Joy.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Well, with an older brother named Wyatt and an awesome last name like Jermaine, this baby girl of yours will be just fine.

    Lauren: Lauren isn't gaining popularity, she already has it. Lauren has been in the top 25 since the 80s and is just starting to trend off now. I was born in the Lauren era and I knew about 5 in high school. They all had to go by their last initials. Even though Lauren has a soft, feminine sound, I would advise against it because I think it will end up being a trend. A well-deserved trend, but a trend nonetheless. Laura, on the other hand, is a classic and never goes out of style. Although, actually,I just checked and it's WAY down in popularity for the first time in decades right now.

    Caralyn: The spelling I'm familiar with is Carolyn. Most of the Carolyn's I know are in their 50s. Caralyn does make it fresher. I would stay away from K. Caralyn will be pronounced just fine. It's not my favorite (I tend to like traditional names, as you seem to). I think I like Cara better.

    French names mixed with modern/vintage names:
    Genevieve (so pretty)
    Georgia (This name sounds vintage (for you) but is just becoming popular now (for him)).
    Willa (I like this because Willa Cather was a Western writer so Willa matches Wyatt's cowboy charm)
    Ada (very trendy, but old)
    Lyla (fresher than Lauren?)
    Names I enjoy:

    Girls: Lucy, Elena, Lake, Sylvie

    Boys: Jack, Eamon, Sylvan, Theo

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    Thanks so much for the input and suggestions. I like Genevieve, Georgia, Willa and Lyla but DH turned them all down.

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    Lauren is pleasant but not rare. It's nice and sweet but if popularity bothers you I might avoid it. It's in a similar boat as a favourite of mine, Emily... which has been so popular for so long you'll hear it a lot on babies and on their mothers, too.

    Laurel might be an option? Natural, sweet, a bit more unexpected than Lauren or Laura?

    I'm very fond of Caroline - which admittedly is not exciting or astoundingly of-the-moment, but is very classic - but I'm afraid I find most -lyn names rather trendy and used-and-abused. Caralyn is nicer than some but I'd be tempted to, in that case, saw Cara free of the -lyn to keep it from getting mixed in with the Ashlyn/Madelyn/Kaitlyn/Gracelyn/Amberlyn/Jennalyn/Kaelyn/Brooklyns of the moment.

    Other ideas:
    Coralie, Coraline, Carolina
    Catherine - Classic, so not surprising/fresh sounding, but never out either. The C spelling is the French option, I believe.
    Annabel, Mirabel, Rosabel - a -bel/-belle name to appease your DH's love of the popular, that is more unexpected than Isabella.
    Bryony, Jessamy, Naomi/Noemie, Ione - Unexpected -ee ending names that might appeal to your DH, who seems to love them, but which have historic/romatic roots.

    Link to someone else's blog on Jessamy.

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    I love Wyatt! I'm sure you'll both eventually agree on the perfect name for your little girl

    Lauren: My initial impression of Lauren is slightly dated, and I would assume an 80s/90s baby upon hearing it. I'm an early 90s baby myself and I could probably name 10 Laurens my age that I grew up with/know now on the spot. I think it is a lovely name that would still work in 2013, but she would definitely know more of her friends' moms named Lauren than her own friends themselves. Not always a bad thing, though It doesn't really work as a sibset with Wyatt to me, however; Wyatt has much more of a modern feel.

    Caralyn: When I first read this one, I didn't even think of it as the same name as the more dated Carolyn spelling, so Caralyn definitely updates it and gives the name a fresher feel. I think it is very pretty and would personally choose it over Lauren. Wyatt and Caralyn are both nice, soft-sounding names and Caralyn Joy is lovely. I agree with the above post, though, that it could very easily get lost in the pile of other trendy -lyn names right now and lose its charm a little.

    A few other ideas I thought of for you:
    Stella (rising on the popularity charts, so that might appeal to your DH, but also vintage-y for you)
    Carys (similar to Caralyn, but a little more distinguished)
    Evelyn (same explanation as Stella, but also the -lyn ending you both seem to like; Evelyn Joy is beauuuutiful)

    Best of luck!!

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