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    Spellings of Keira?

    I love the name Keira but keep getting the comment that people don't care for the newfangled spelling. I live in Midwestern US where Keira is the only spelling of the name people have heard of and Ciara would be pronounced as see-air-uh. What's your take? What's your favorite spelling of the name and would it bother you having the Keira spelling even though it isn't the original? Thanks for the feedback!
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    My favourite is definitely Ciara and as the original spelling I would tend to encourage its use, but I live in Ireland where that's almost always used as the spelling of the name, and never pronounced as Sierra. After that I would go with Keira, but I know Kiara has links to the Lion King, so if that's a turn-on or turn-off you, act accordingly! No matter the spelling, it's a lovely name

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    I like Kira the best, I don't love the look of the ei next to each other following the k

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    Wait, were you pronouncing it kee-YAR-uh or KEER-uh? I knew someone named Ciara, pronounced kee-YAR-uh, and I thought it was really nice.
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    I like Kira best too. The spelling is straight forward and so the pronunciation is more obvious. It is a separate name than Ciara/Keira, so the meaning is different if that matters to you.

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