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    Question Sister/Brother for Charlotte and Riley Anne

    My stepmum is expecting a set of boy/girl twins, and we are looking for names. So far:
    William and Delaney
    Henry and Piper
    Thomas and Elizabeth
    Alexander and Amelia
    Lucas (Luke) and Amelia
    Oliver and Piper
    Bennett and Emilia
    Andrew and Caroline
    Henry and Cora
    any thoughts? My name is Riley Anne and my sister is Charlotte.

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    Aurora for the girl twin (nickname Rory). For the boy twin, I would go with a masculine name like Noah, Henry, or Adam.

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    1 Lucas and Amelia
    2 Thomas and Elizabeth
    3 Henry and Cora

    Question: Are you, Riley Anne, a lot older than Charlotte or are you and your sister pretty close in age?
    All the best,

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    Mischa: I am 14 and Charlotte is 9

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