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    a (really) BIG list

    Inspired by how much I enjoyed looking through Ottilie's huge baby name list, I thought I'd also include all the names on our ever expanding (and occasionally reducing) baby name list (girls name took half an hour, boys name is ridiculous). We've narrowed down the list to our top ten or so now (though we've done that a couple of times and probably won't be done until the last possible moment), but I thought some of you might find some potential baby naming inspiration from some of the names we've found. No need to comment on all these names, but perhaps some of them may be helpful for you in your own baby name search. (Warning: They're a little (a lot) all over the place)

    Amias, Amari, Alaric, Amin, Adib, Aurelio, Atlas, Augustus, Alden, Amil, Aldric, Aidric, Abner, Alton, Alonzo, Amadeo, Audric, Anders, Aza, Azarius, Aldous, Ansel, Albus, Ariston, Arius, Androcles, Arden, Amicus, Adair, Auden, Ayaan

    Bodhi, Brighton, Brogan, Booker, Brant

    Cian, Caius, Conrad, Conall, Celio, Caian, Callum, Cassius, Cassian, Caelum, Cyrus, Clayton, Cordell, Cainan, Clement, Chester, Castor, Castiel, Callen, Calder, Cullen, Canaan, Caleb, Corey, Caledon, Cadoc

    Darius, Dashiell, Darnell, Dion, Dante, Dillon, Donovan, Darion, DeShawn

    Emmett, Emrys, Eamon, Everett, Ellis, Emil, Evander, Emmerich, Eldridge, Ellery, Emery, Edric, Eugene, Ewan

    Flynn, Finley

    Gareth, Garrett

    Hershel, Halston

    Julian, Jasper, Jarvis, Jonas, Jorah, Jalal, Jarin

    Kian, Kaiyan, Keenan, Keegan, Keaton, Kiernan, Khalil, Kamal

    Lucius, Lucan, Luca, Lionel, Lonan, Lachlan, Linden, Leonidas, Lazlo, Leif, Leland, Logan

    Makai, Marcellus, Miles, Malachi, Micah, Myron


    Oberon, Orion, Oren, Oisin


    Roshan, Ronan, Rhett, Roland, Riley, Roscoe, Ryland, Riaz

    Saul, Soren, Stellan, Straun

    Theron, Theon, Thaddeus, Theodorus, Thelonius, Tyrell, Tavish



    Zane, Zander, Zale

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    Whoa, that is indeed a very very big list! I'll pick my absolute favourites for fun. I was ridiculously excited to see Jarvis on your list!

    Amias, Alaric, Amin, Aurelio, Augustus, Aldric, Alonzo, Amadeo, Audric, Anders, Azarius, Ansel, Albus, Ariston, Amicus, Adair, Ayaan
    Caius, Conrad, Celio, Cassius, Cassian, Cyrus, Clement, Castor, Castiel, Cullen, Caleb, Caledon
    Darius, Dashiell, Dion, Dante, Dillon
    Emrys, Eamon, Everett, Emil, Evander, Emmerich, Emery, Eugene
    Julian, Jasper, Jarvis, Jonas, Jalal
    Khalil, Kamal
    Lucius, Lucan, Luca, Lionel, Linden, Leonidas
    Marcellus, Miles, Malachi, Micah
    Oberon, Orion, Oren, Oisin
    Roshan, Rhett, Roland, Roscoe
    Saul, Soren, Stellan
    Theron, Thaddeus

    Leif (pronounced LAY-f and very outdated in Scandinavia)
    Bodhi (it sounds stupid)

    Armin, Eustace, Fenton, Florens, Godric, Hamish, Hermod, Horatio, Ilyas, Kenzo, Lennox, Maurice, Osvaldo, Rafferty, Randolph, Seymour, Viorel
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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