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    Need help picking a name...

    I'm writing a story about a very adventurous, dangerous, somewhat seedy and slick girl who gets into trouble easily. She's very independent and is about 13 years old. I'm can't decide between these three names:
    Musetta (nickname Muse)
    Beretta (nickname Berry)
    Which one do you think fits her best?
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    All three are intersting, but I think Musetta is the best. Jinx is a bit odd (and not entirely in a good way) and Beretta makes me think of a Japanese video game where the main character has long hair that works as clothing.
    So I say Musetta.
    Hope that helps!

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    I like Beretta. Lethal and deadly!

    Jinx next, although it is kind of unlucky

    I do not care for Musetta at reason, just me I guess.
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    My favorite is Musetta/Muse. 2nd choice Jinx. Don't care for Beretta - too many gun associations for me.

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    Isn't Beretta the name of a gun, or something? I remember reading about it when someone named their kid it a while back. Muse I can't see as a name of anyone other than the band, and Jinx sounds like the sort of hippy nickname a teenager would give themselves to carve a new identity.

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